Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Freebie Sampler: Comforts of Home Series no 1

I absolutely love, love, love a quilt in my home. It just resonates with comfort even on a Summer day! I saw a quote somewhere once and thought this would be a great sampler verse. I have not stitched it up yet but will. I hope you enjoy it! I hope to design some of my favorite comforts of home. Just for starters..............quilts.

If you do stitch it up email me a picture to put on the blog at jenniferann_fox@yahoo.com

Thank you to all who commented such sweet, sweet words! I so appreciate it. If I can make just one person happier in the day or lifted, my purpose is served.

Comforts of Home Series
No. 1
The Quilt
designer Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2014
I designed the border for half stitches to mimic the appearance of  some quilt edgings.
I love the primitive colors used here in dark gold and black but you can sub any colors you like to match your room décor.
There are areas for French knots that add texture to the sampler.
This sampler would look really awesome near your quilt collection, or sewing room.
I hope you enjoy! Please remember that this is for free for a limited time on the blog and not to be sold or kitted. I thank you so much. If you stitch it up and put on your blog, please reference Feathers in the Nest!
I hope this prints out ok for you. If not, please comment and let me know.
Well, today is certainly a typical March day with wind gusts and sunny cool skies. A great day to fly a kite............not as a joke........but seriously if you have kids, they would love this wind.
The trees are still bare and I just found out Easter is really late this year, like towards the end of April!
So more cool weather I'm sure until Easter. That's what my mama always said and it has always been true.
I hope you enjoy your Tuesday and remember that home is where the heart is. Make your home a place of comfort. Of course, for everyone that is different and suitable to your individual needs.
I have found that a good balance in my life of work, homesteading, faith, and physical care is the perfect equation for me at my age and stage of life. A little of all blends perfectly for the balance I need to ensure I'm healthy, a good wife, a good medical provider, and a good child of God.
Expressing our creative spirit is a great way to nurture the soul AND the soul of others. I am so thankful for all the creative spirits out there sharing patterns and ideas, and networking.
 It's definitely the balm for my spirit.
Again, I hope you have a great day!
Till later,


  1. Jennifer~What a lovely heart warming post. Thank you for the chart but above all, thank you for being you.

  2. What a lovely sampler. My sister loves to quilt and this immediately made me think of her. I have a favorite quilt that she made me that is so cozy! Thank you, Jennifer, for always having such uplifting posts :)

  3. Jennifer: You are way to sweet, what a lovely verse, thank-you for another freebie.

    Happy Spring


  4. A lovely post & a lovely design! I also love quilts although I haven't quilted in years. I have a bunch that need finished that I really should get to, but my cross stitching always wins out : ) Flying kites ... my husband & I used to do that with our kids when they were little & it was such fun. Great memories : )


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