Sunday, March 23, 2014

And the First Day of Spring......................

Spring. 2014.

Yup, it's arrived officially but weather-wise, we still are a cool, quite cool during the days. No complaint by me though as I know the promise of a new beginning with Spring.
Actually, I just thought to myself I probably say that every season and maybe that's why my favorite quote is To everything there is a season and a time a place under the Heavens. I think that one will stay with me all my life.

I haven't written in a while. I think I needed a little break, kind of like Spring break I guess for those over 50. :P  And the time change.......................oh my, I have a love-hate relationship with this time change. I love the longer sunshine in the day. I hate the lost hour of sleep. We will get used to it though, right in time for it to change again.

I'm reading a book called Minimalism. It's pretty good. Got it free on Pixel of Ink a while back and it really helps me in my yearly goal to simplify my life in all areas for less stress and more peace. I load up my Kindle with free books almost every day from Pixel of Ink. Some of them are just not my kind of book but I do love the romantic, historical romantic, trilogys, anything about women's health, skin health, anti-aging, yoga, and autobiographies. Those are my favorites.

At the homestead, my knitting mojo diminished quite a bit for a couple of weeks. I had to get some Spring things done, like taxes, Spring cleaning (still haven't finished), and all kinds of things done.
I picked up this Caron Simply Soft yarn in a colorway, Tapestry. I thought that the pastel colors were pretty with a peach Spring sweater or Tshirt. I'm really channeling the color Peach right now. A more pinky-peach.You have to admit the other colors are like muted Easter egg colors. :0
The pattern is  the feather and fan stitch. I am using a #11 needle with this DK weight yarn. 

here's the start..................

The color is washed out but couldn't correct it on my finished shawl. The color is deeper than this camera could capture here and very vintage, cranberry. I really loved making this wrap/shawl. It's the perfect staple for just a little pop of color and texture on cooler evenings.
I found the vintage pin this week.
The pin actually has a slight peachy tone to the pearls with some light garnet stones.
I think the two married each other well!
I will soon be listing this in the Etsy shop! I sold out of many things and need to restock.
I want to thank you for your patronage and encouraging words. They mean so much to me.
On the home front, Miss Abbie got her bath yesterday and she was not so sure about this chair.
She had some requests on Facebook for pictures so I took a couple but she was kind of shy.
You can see she probably is looking down and wondering how far down she would have to jump!!!
She has never been in this chair. I don't know why. She has been in all the others but this one she hasn't.
So here is Abbie on picture day. :-)
She's like....."OMG. How high is THIS chair?"
Watch out and stay tuned tomorrow for a freebie sampler mini for you. I hope you like it.
I hope your Sunday evening is quiet and peaceful and you are surrounded by those you love.
Be happy and most of all be thankful for having more than what we need,


  1. Love your knitting. You make some beauties.
    Abby looks like she is saying "Does she really want me in this chair?"
    Beautiful pin!

    1. Thank you Dawn. You are always such a sweetie! Abbie is a mess, isn't she? LOL

  2. What a sweet blog you have : ) You left 2 comments on mine but I had no way of getting back to you so I looked to see if you had a blog & here it is. That passage about time in Ecclesiastes is one of my favorites & holds a lot of meaning for me. Your knitting is beautiful (I'm slowly knitting a scarf for my husband right now) & Abbie is adorable : ) I look forward to visiting with you often : )

    1. Welcome Shirlee! You have such a beautiful blog. I love it! Thank you, Abbie is our little 5 lbs of sugar here. Yes, I love Ecclesiastes and I have a stitched hanging that says that verse and it just helps me make some sense of chaos sometimes to remember it.

  3. Oh I love the shawl. I know it is supposed to be Spring but it certainly hasnt arrived here in Ireland yet!

    1. It's still pretty cool outside here too. Today is really windy and cool, a typical March day! I would love to visit Ireland one day. I bet it's so beautiful where you live.

  4. I always love stopping in for a visit Jennifer to see what you're working on or what's happening in your life. The pin is so perfect for your shawl. Perfect! the colors in your new scarf are lovely also. I would love to sit for an afternoon with you and stitch and chat. You always inspire me. Keep up the great blog.

    1. Thank you Miss Linda! I wish we could sit and stitch too. That would be so fun.

  5. Abbie looks mighty cute in that big chair. Your shawl is lovely.

    Thank you for your previous post on Seasons & Loss. It really resonated with me as I feel like in a big "winter" this year, wondering why good people have to suffer so much in this world. I don't understand it at all but found your post comforting.

    1. Thank you Jeanne. I'm glad you found it comforting. There are just times I don't understand but at the same time, it's probably best if I don't sometimes. Seasons ebb and flow just like time and it will always be a questions I have why good people have to suffer some big trials. Why not the shady folks instead???
      Anyway, big winters. I can relate to those. I have to focus on the Spring though that follows it.

  6. Were you aware that Amazon has free books for the Kindle as well?
    Every day I go through the top 100 free book list. You never know what you will find. I have found books that a few days later are on the paid list for a large price.

    Try the url:
    of it doen't work, go to the kindle store, ebooks and on the rihgt isde should be a topp 100 books list, there is a pay for books and a free list.

    1. How very cool. I didn't really realize they had a section for that. Thanks so very much for the info. I so LOVE books.


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