Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Peek of Progress, A Peak of Spring Color

Spring is here and the last time PEACH was my favorite color for Spring was about.............1970 something. Seriously. I'm a PINK girl. I still love pink but the color peach is pretty trendy this Spring and it's caught my eye in a lot of dress and accessorizing.
This peach pin is perfect for inspiration for the lacy, light and breezy scarf I'm making.
The feather and fan stitch is the basic pattern of this scarf.
Of course, I just remembered I like feathers and birds and such...........
Like a flower blooming, this scarf in coming along well and I'll show you at the end how this lace piece would look really pretty with a light blue, white, cream, mint green top or dress.
It's a little different but it's going to involve this pin.
I've been still working on the color and contrast with my camera. I can't seem to get the rich color like my other one had. It might help if I got out the DVD that came with it.
The detail is pretty good on it without much effort.
 The color is sometimes ok, sometimes not quite as true such as the shawl I tried to show a couple of posts ago.
Overall, it's a good one though. Spring flowers blooming will give me a chance to practice with it.
I never said "yup" at everything until I met Mr. Darcy.
I still say "ya'll" though.
So ya'll have a good evening and a beautiful night's rest tonight.
Miss Abbie sends her kisses. She enjoyed some dinner with us tonight. We had salmon patties (fried the country way), green beans, sweet potato casserole, and Spiral pasta and egg salad.
Time for bed now.
Follow your heart,


  1. I love the colors on the scarf. I think the peach flower is a lovely accent.

    On a yarn note, I learned to knit with needles back in the early 90s but gave it up because I hated it and took up counted cross stitch and loom knitting instead. But in the last two weeks, I have rediscovered needle knitting and also taught myself single and double crochet with the help of YouTube. It's been kind of fun.

  2. Hi Joy,
    Thank you for dropping in tonight. Thank you on the scarf. The colors are a bit pastel but I like it.
    I also am an avid cross stitcher. I slowed down and started knitting more this year. I LOVE knitting. I can see easier. Going blind in my left eye due to glaucoma and when I cross stitch I have to have double magnification. Knitting it much easier.
    I love to read but a lot is on my Kindle where I can listen text to speech due to visual impairment again.
    You go girl on teaching yourself!!!! I learned on you tubes as well and class. It's fun to learn so much free stuff on you tube.


  3. Beautiful knitting :)
    And your pictures are so lovely too..
    Have a lovely day x

    1. Thank you Cucki! I heart knitting for sure!

  4. What a pretty scarf you have going, Jennifer! And the pin is a perfect accent!

    1. Thank you so much Von! My hubbie thought when I started it was going to be a washcloth. LOL Then, I thought hmmmmm.......but now it really is pretty in pastel colors. I am going to do a feather and fan pattern one day in a solid color. I think the lace shows better.

  5. Pretty scarf! The colors are so soft and springy!
    Good luck with the camera. I always dislike reading any kind of manual. LOL What brand of camera is it? I need to buy a new camera, mainly so my daughter can borrow it to take on her trip to Ireland. She can't afford a new one along with the trip.

    1. Hey Phyllis!
      Yup. I'm so not one to read manuals about functionality stuff. It's a Fujifilm 8200. I had a Fujifilm before and I LOVED it. Thought it was totally broke when I dropped it but it started working again AFTER I got the new one and used it. So.......I sold the old one already at a low cost.
      I think Fujifilm cameras are simple, easy to set, inexpensive, and does a great job for closeups. That's the reason I got it in the beginning was for close ups for needlework.
      Watch on Ebay or Amazon for good deals on them. The 8000 series has the best features for the least money. They are not too too big and for me, it was the fact it had not so many buttons to figure out and look at with my vision. On Ebay, make sure it's a reputable dealer that is 100% for rating and also has sold many or has a camera "store". That's how I got mine. I had sold some toys in the basement for it. ROFLOL..Seriously. I used Paypal and so it worked out.
      OH how I wish I could go to Ireland. I have Irish in my ancestry and INdian but I think I got the white skin from the Irish. So did my daughter. This will be a great time for her to get good pictures too!!!!
      Stay cool,

  6. Love the way your scarf is coming along! The pin looks great with it. I am a "peach" girl so I am happy to hear it is "in" this spring. Cute pictures of you. Have fun playing with your camera.


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