Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Seasons and Loss

Our weather here in the North Georgia mountains was so beautiful this morning, cooler, but the birds were chirping and the daffodils have bloomed nicely. Sitting on the back porch with my dearest hubbie this morning with coffee in hand, sometimes we have the most interesting discussions about things. I treasure that time. We talked about seasons and life. We talked about ebb and flow.

Later on, I went to Facebook and saw that one of my knitter friends who it felt like last week we were just discussing a confusing knitting pattern, had died yesterday. Her sons announced it on her page. I was shocked and so sad. It reminded me again that life is so short and can change in the blink of a minute. She was a really sweet woman who loved her family and crafting. Gone way too early in life. WAY too early. I hope and pray for her family right now.

Also the day before found out another very close friend of mine for years who I still stay in contact with......her mom died and they were very close. I knew her mother. She is someone else to pray for during this time.

Seems when Spring is coming, there are reminders that there are seasons that ebb and flow, lives ebb and flow, going through this balance in life, sometimes there are times of disaster and hurt we do not understand and then there are joyous new beginnings.

I did laugh today as I found a you-tube channel in which the presenter makes one feel like she is a positive spirit right in my living room and honestly, she touches many lives and has a gift I think she realizes and hopes she continues to make people laugh. And as she reminded me today, laughter is a good anti-ager! I just love that I found her videos. I have learned so much from her.  Brightens my day!

There is so much sadness in this world, and people who do not get to experience laughter and connection and a feeling of belonging. Without trying to sound all gloomy this evening, just wanted to write how very thankful I am for what I do have and more mindful of what could be lost in the blink of time. I am thankful for you, who read my blog and have sent me messages many times of encouragement and ideas, thoughts, laughter, etc.

Hang on to the laughter, love, and connection with people. Even my introverted self needs to do more of that.

 Remember someone else's Spring, might be someone else's Winter and vice versa.

We really don't know what we all go through sometimes and in this day and time, if it's not all beautiful, then we are felt to be shamed in some way to speak about it. In older days, people sat around on the porches, had family living really close (who actually cared and was not ashamed of us)  if not in the same house, multigenerational, to help keep spirits up, support each, laugh, cry together, do chores, and just be a functional unit of connection.

Now, many people simply don't want to take the time to listen or even know of anything that isn't bursting with laughter but if you find a true friend, a true gift, something that brings you immense joy---hang on to it.

If something brings you utter sadness and you are going through a season in life, although temporary or permanent, that is bring inner pain, try to remember the good, find someone who listens, make do with what you have and thank God for it. Because really all of us in the end, whether you are one to ignore someone's pain and decide to turn away from that or not, realize when you make a choice to not do something, you've already made a choice.

People are not things and cannot be replaced. Their laughter, their personality that brought us joy cannot be replaced. And most of all, try to be the person who brings joy. I haven't always been that way but I really do try and it's the trials in life that I had to go through who made me who I am today.
I think we all could say the same.

I don't know why this is on my heart today to write but it's in hopes that helps someone. Bad news like death, estranged children, loss of a career/job, financial strain, death of friends we knew, pets, loss of ability to help us in our craft we love as we age, divorce, etc.........all these really cannot be changed but if you know someone who is going through any of these, offer your ear, your love, your friendship, and time. It will mean so much to that person and there are all of us at one point in the Winters of our lives that will need it.

Dear God, help us to remember Robin and her family in these next days as they go through a horrific loss and sadness. She was a good friend and shared similar interests, and she brightened my day many times. Sometimes I take this for granted and  I'm mindful again of how brief our life really is. We pray and thank you for all the lives she touched through our interest in the needle arts as well. I also pray for one of my very best friends for almost 20 years now. She is going through a lot of grief with the death of her mother of whom she was very close to.
Be with her family as they all deal with this in their own way. Bring peace and love to both of these families today and all others unspoken who are in some big Winters of their lives.
Thank you, God, for loving us unconditionally and showing us that example so that if we are ever abandoned or alone, that you remind us of your presence unconditionally. I know this means so much to me and has for a very long time now to have you grounding me to people and things, relationships and such that bring joy in order to cope through those Winter seasons.
Thank you for signs of Spring which gives us a reminder of hope. I will never lose hope, no matter how much loss there has been. Your child forever, Jennifer.
Good night to all.


  1. So very sorry about your friend Jenn, may memories warm your heart when you think of her...

  2. Thank you for your heartfelt words and I'm sorry for your loss, may you also find peace in the coming days.

  3. Good afternoon from the UK. You have no idea how much your post meant to me today. I don't suppose you remember me, (I sent you the angel's wing when you were in a vary dark place) My daughter s still not talking to me, and I still don't know why, but as my grandchildren are getting older they've been getting touch, now their mother can't stop them. My son got married a few months ago and I said I wouldn't go, because I didn't want to cause an upset, but my son insisted that I went and told my daughter if she couldn't behave like a civilised human eing then she could stay away. The wedding was wonderful, and I got to meet my grandson for the first time in many years. He was delightful, and we got on like true friends. He lives with my first husband now, so I'm in constant contact We looked after him for days and sometimes weeks when he was a baby and toddler, as my daughter, although married wanted to carry on life as though she was still single. I took photos to the wedding and showed my GS all the places we took him, and how we looked after him when he broke his arm (My daughter said she couldn't cope) It was like a miracle, he suddenly had recall of all we'd done together, including the time we rescued him from a flock of ducks. he had been feeding. I know this is a long comment, but I know your situation (you were kind enough to confide in me, and I just wanted you to know, things change, never give up on them) I hope I will get my daughter back sometime in the future. I pray for her and her family every night. Sorry to put all of this on you, but I know you understand. I am delighted that you have now found your 'soul-mate' I revel in your happiness. Blessings

  4. Oh Leslie, you are very special to me and YES! I look at that angel feather and read that every time I dust my piano (that's where I can see it best and I love it) and am so glad to here about your reconnection. I never give up that one day that miracle with my children will come as well. And don't be sorry at all and please write me at now. The address is different. We do have a lot in common. I will never forget your kindness to me forever.

  5. So sorry for your losses. Thank goodness for seasons. It will still be a while before we see those daffodils here. Flirting with 60 during the day, but still courting that freezing mark at night.

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved friend. May you find comfort in your wonderful memories. Your post was very meaningful and thought-provoking. I can tell it was heartfelt.


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