Monday, January 6, 2014

Blogging and Graphics

If you have looked in on the blog today it's been either nuts in appearance or missing things, letters strange, or said "private only". I had to do this at one point because I lost a good bit of my blog gadgets trying to change around templates.

I still can't make past post pictures smaller, so they will overlap until I work that out. I will test a pic to see if it still doesn't fit.

I've spent a great deal of time after thinking I lost my whole blog, trying to work it out right to the point of a headache. So sipping some Apple Cider and taking a little break.
This has been a VERY cold Monday. Usually on Manic Monday things like this go on, but I'm trying to simplify anything, and everything including a new blog format so please bear with me as I add my gadgets and play this evening.
I do welcome all comments and enjoy reading them!!
I did spend some time lurking about other bloggers and happened upon a stitched up freebie of mine that was so well-done and finished pretty!
Please, if you stitch any of my designs, freebies or not, it brightens my day to receive a pic via email. I really do love seeing them because I can't always finish them out myself.
I guess that is one major New Year's resolution.
Starting with one I'll post progress on this evening, I'll put down my knitting needles to work on a WIP I designed.
Trying to find that darn needle in the sofa,

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  1. Wow! What a different look. It is fabulous. =) Keep warm!


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