Monday, January 6, 2014

One word--Cold

Only one word right now at almost midnight here in the mountains of North Georgia.
Bone-chilling Cold.
6 degrees at midnight, with a real feel of -12.
Prediction to get down to 2 degrees by morning.
I'm thinking of all the Midwest and northeast with such extremes in conditions that I hope and pray you are all safe and warm somewhere tonight. I've never seen it this cold in my life.
And that's a long, long time. :0
Hoping for a hot flash,


  1. On Monday, we had -22F actual temps. Every morning since it's been about -13F. Right now it's 14F and snowing lightly. COLD!

  2. It's been very cold all over. We have been ok on the West coast though. Jennifer, I stitched one of your freebies for a friend but I can't find the post/link for it. Another stitchy friend would like to stitch it too. It's called "The Lord is my Shepherd". Here's my link to the post of the finish.


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