Saturday, January 4, 2014

Progress on my knit scarf for COLD weather

All my sections are combined except one more ball of yarn to knit. I finished the third section, this end piece and it's 17 inches long by itself. I started with a pattern on a UTube I posted about in the last few posts Chunky Lace. It's really pretty when stretched out. I am going to duplicate another full skein/ball of this yarn to make and attach to the other end and both will be scalloped in the chunky lace pattern for 2 repeats then garter to finish out the ball.

The little silver in it really is girly and blingy but not too gaudy. I love it!


Yup, Miss Abbie is in her hoodie. She is a hoot when I put anything on her. For the first hour she just freezes. Always has been that way. She stayed on her blanket for about an hour and then moved on to nap on the sofa near the heat from the woodstove.

I hope to finish this last part of my big wide scarf by tomorrow night. Monday morning here in the North Ga mountains it's supposed to get to a low of ONE degree. I've never seen that since I've lived here since 2001. I've seen 8 degrees but not 1.
I'm hoping we get some snow. There is a prediction for some and I just have this feeling that we are going to be in for freezing snow weather for a couple of days.
I chatted with a friend in Alaska and today it's warmer there than it is here in Georgia. I can't believe that!!!!!

Mr. Darcy had a birthday yesterday! Strangely we both have birthdays on the 3rd of the month, his in January and mine in September. He wants a yellow cake with chocolate frosting tomorrow so that's on my to-do list for tomorrow after grocery shopping with the other million I'm sure preparing for the weather indoors.

What else am I up to ?????

Well I am doing a 30 day Bible study online with a book by the Unveiled Wife.
It's open for the public on FB and she posts videos each morning to prompt and further talk about different concepts of a Christian marriage. She had her book for one day only for 99cents and I think now it went back to the Kindle price of 7.77 or something to that nature. The book is great. She is so though provoking and I love to continually strive to be the best wife I can be. A relationship with God is most important and I'm challenged now in my life to totally depend on him, listen for his answers. The easiest part is that I know my husband is a true gift from God and appreciate that every single day. I know I am not perfect, but each day is a day to renew and remember the gift He gave me. And the closer a Christian couple are in reflecting the love of Christ for his church, the more Satan will try to lie, steal, and destroy. I don't want to sound like a sermon here, just wanted to share this 30 day study which has helped me and maybe it would help others too.
Even though we are on day four today, her videos stay up so you can catch up or go back to read the daily challenges.

If you are interested in joining, just go to UNVEILED WIFE on FB and it will lead you to the group study.  As we all I think, can learn more and more about marriage and our purpose in a Christian stance, I am loving to start out the New Year with this month of study. So come join this very large group and in reading through responses and prompts and listening to her each morning, it's just the best way to start a day!

Mr. Darcy has been chopping wood all day and making kindling to stack for the next few weeks. The homestead is always a busy but rewarding place to be. I am thankful for heat and a roof over our heads and to be able to enjoy each season in it's time here. In the Winter we hope for Spring and in the Spring we hope for Summer and on and on. Just taking the time to enjoy the season that is in the present makes a bunch of difference.

I can't wait for the first episode of Downton Abbey tomorrow night!!! This girl is going to be front and center for that TV show.

About to watch Saving Private Ryan. I've never seen that before but it looks long and intense. My best half is watching with me. Hope you all have a great Saturday evening and rest well.

Staying warm and sipping cidar,


  1. Love the scarf it's coming along quickly. I have started knitting a pair of mittens, really going to be cold here wind chill to -40 on Monday here in Indiana.Really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Mary Louise in IN

  2. thank you so much! Yes it's going to be a cold one tomorrow, Tuesday. I hope we get a lot of snow. :)

  3. Hi Jennifer! I came here to respond to your comment on my blog, you are a no-reply commenter. You can change that on your dashboard.
    Yes! That is your design I was just gifted from my friend Anne. =) Love it! Thank you. Our lowest temperature today was -16º with -45º windchill.


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