Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blueberry Jam Cotton Feather and Fan scarf finished!

My postings are somewhat out of order.......I thought what in the world? Anyhoo, I will putting a side bar for the Etsy shop and also for the Feathers in the Nest facebook soon. The CEO,Mr. Darcy, is kindly a good helper when it comes to anything technological!

We have been blessed with 2 new boarders at the homestead. If you remember Thomas and Flossie Mae were taken last year. I digress on that subject BUT, God has blessed us with 2 more. He knew I loved my cats and to make it even more interesting is that I always wanted a gray cat. We got 2 now!

We really don't know for certain but think they are both girls. They lounge around the porches and meow and purr while we are on the back porch and add quite the conversation to our evenings.
For now, we call them Thelma and Louise Fox.

The oddest thing is that Abbie used to really despise cats, any cat. These----she LOVES them absolutely loves them! Abbie just got her bath tonight and is running around the house in lightning speed. She loves her bath. By Fall, I hope to venture into making her a couple of sweaters but for now, I will be focusing on my cross stitching!  {{kiss kiss, where have you been?}}}

The weather outside has been gorgeous today and perfect temps at night. We enjoy the porches so much. 

I did finish up a scarf that is in the Etsy shop---Feathersinthenest----. I enjoyed working with the 100% organic soft cotton by Univeral Yarns.---Blueberry Jam

Universal Yarn, Inc
in Blueberry Jam colorway
100% organic cotton
The hardwood heart pin is not included. Just for ideas; however,  you can wrap this 4.5 in x 66 inch long scarf any way and really with any season. The feather and fan stitch is the basic pattern that flows throughout.
The softest cotton in the yarn shop boutique I found!
Just added to the Etsy shop for your viewing.
I promise to work on the side bar for connections to Facebook and also Etsy!
For Facebook, just simply put in search box, Feathers in the Nest.
Etsy, remember all letters together---Feathersinthenest
Well, night is setting in, the fan is cool with mountain fresh air, and settling in with the Mr!
One thing for sure is that yarn is easier to organize than sampler threads. Just for random thought......
I've been sitting and organizing so many designs I've made, I honestly was taken away with how much I had stored. I want to start them all. It's hard to pick sometimes. But it feels good to bring something full circle, from inspiration, to graph, to threads on linen.
I think we all know in life that there is somewhat of a peaceful feeling when you realize how life goes full circle and you sit back and realize that without Him throughout the journey, it simply wouldn't have been the design He had in mind for us. It's hard to explain.
Purl of wisdom~~~ Each year of our life is a thread. The great Designer is God. He knows what the final picture will be even though we don't but when we are doing His will, there is a peace that reassures that all the threads were necessary to make the finish both dark, and bright or muted. Things not in His will are the Orts. We snip them away as He conveys us to and keep on working to the finish. We say goodbye to the Orts and let go. The result is peace.
I hope you are having a peaceful evening.
Peace and love always,


  1. Good morning Jennifer.
    Oh my goodness my heart went pitty patter looking at those two beautiful kitties looking up into the camera...they are beautiful. They know what home to hang around for love and nummies....and a new playmate to boot!

    your scarf is just lovely - the colors scream Blueberry jam!!!

    Such a beautiful setting you live in.


  2. What a beautiful scarf! You really did a great job on that!
    I'm such a 'cat person'--those kitties are so precious. I think you're pretty lucky that they showed up--and they're lucky, too! They really did come to the right home.
    Good luck on your new ventures with Etsy and Facebook!


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