Monday, June 24, 2013

Sampler Floss Organizer

Hello Monday morning!

It's bright, sunny and cool here in the mountains this morning, just a lovely day!

Last night I continued on with organizing my stitching studio with a crate I got from the junkin' store. I stained it in Colonial Maple which will go well with the other things in the space.
I saved alot by getting this and staining. The purpose?  To organize my sampler threads in floss bags.
I use the floss bag system and have one box for 12 years that holds ALL my DMC and it's packed!

I presently have the Gentle Art, Crescent Colors, Silks, and Weeks Dye Works on large rings with floss bags. Now I can organize and retrieve more easily. The sections are perfect size for the floss bags and they will be arranged in alphabetical order and by company.

I think this was basically a wine crate in pine before. If you use a floss bag system for your threads, you might want to economize and find one of these. You can paint or stain it to your liking and save tons on wood organizers for your floss!

I finished another design last night as well. Inspired by the SuperMoon of the weekend, where the moon was closest to the Earth, I designed a sampler called June Moon. Be on the lookout for it soon!

Well, off to do chores and continue Spring/Summer cleaning. I hope you have a great day!

Purl of Wisdom~~ Remember that just as old crates can be repurposed at any time, so is our life. We are never too old to be repurposed in a direction that is totally different, yet at the same time, serving others, our family and God.


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  1. Morning Jennifer
    What a great organizer for your samples - looks like it will hold quite a lot.
    Love your purls of wisdom...


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