Friday, June 28, 2013

Freebie sampler on Facebook page


Fresh strawberries of which I made a nice creamy filling and put in parfait glasses for dessert.

The name of the sampler is "The Fruit of the Spirit: Love"
If you like strawberries, you will like this sampler!!
All you need to do to print it is go to Feathers in the Nest FB page
You can click directly on Abbie's pic below and it will take you to the page.
Abbie says she loves you this morning!
What I'm up to?  well Summer cleaning still.  This cabinet was headed in a truck to the dump and I got it free from a very good friend. It's repurposed now to go in my stitching studio. I also have a small CD player to put in the top to have some instrumental music while I work.
You have to be in the right place at the right time. I can't believe this was going to the dump.
I'm still working at cleaning out clothes and such to donate as well. Yesterday I cleaned one closet out, 3 more to go.
We have 2 guest bedrooms and changed linens and replaced quilts in one of them, an old, old, quilt. Changed the curtains to lace to let in the sunlight and it seems like a bigger room.
Letting go of shoes and clothes is hard for me and for what reason I don't know. But simplifying my life seems to be reducing alot of stress already.
For me, alot of things donating are when I ask these questions:
is it old and nonfunctional?
is there a bad memory attached?
is it worn out?
does it have shoulder pads? :P
if yes, then they are going to Goodwill.
 Purl of Wisdom~~~Chaos is something that is not conducive to a smoother life journey. Reducing chaos and clutter reduces stress in life just by altering the environment in which we live.
I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and stitching!

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  1. Decluttering and sorting out is so therapeutic, isn't it? Keep it up. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your studio.


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