Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coming Undone

A new start but put to the side right now to finish a shawl. I couldn't help but see what this feather and fan lace design would look like in BLUEBERY JAM in Universal Yarns, Inc. BATIK, 100% cotton yarn.
I love the variations of color. Just like Blueberry jam.
I'm using number 10 needles, not my faves but will work here. I would love to have Knit Pics Dreamsz straights in 10.
But knitting onward to see the effect, I put it to the side to work on my shawl I had started.
I eventually had to TINK the entire project and made a mess on the dining room table but found a Stefanie Japel pattern on Ravelry to restart.
I am on row 50 and it's getting even almost too long for a 26 inch cable # 11 needles. So,
I hope to get me a pair of 40 inch as this shawl is approximately 7 feet by 3 feet UNBLOCKED.
You can find the pattern on Ravelry. It's called City Shawl, by Stephanie Japel.
Coming undone.
Starting anew with only one stitch cast on.

at 50 rows now. Hoping this will block into a much wider shawl as I go.

The second section is beautiful with color.
Working on the dining room table. I'm so glad I don't have any visitors now for eats.

It's all in the process, isn't it?  Definitely, helps my stress AND creates something wearable.
And so in keeping with that thought, I will watch my undone yarn become a new shawl. Hopefully without as many mistakes as the other one.
Purl of Wisdom~~~Never tire of creating something beautiful from something that had way too many mistakes in it. Just start over. It's the process of creating that brings joy.
Sew thankful,


  1. Jennifer! That fan and lace scarf is the same one I'm working on! Found the pattern at the site that you posted about. You can see what it looks like in a lime green variegated yarn over on my blog.

  2. Two pretty colours of wool. Both your scarf and shawl will look lovely when finished.

  3. love the colors! I always enjoy a nice shawl. Maybe I should learn to knit!

  4. Such pretty colors on both projects. That large shawl looks like something I might have to try......


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