Thursday, March 7, 2013

Part one of the Lacy Keyhole Scarf is finished!

The Lacy Keyhole Scarf pattern by Stephanie Jafel at, in her Knit Lab class. I finished the first section and here is the part 1............ta da!

 I have learned alot from her class, much more than one in a yarn shop for sure.

The lacy ends to this little scarf are way cool. The yarn is Cascade Yarns Pima Silk, a predominently cotton blend with a little silk in it for softness.
The project takes 1 skein. I am using number 7 needles Bates.
I've weaved in the ends and started the next section by casting on for Part 2.
The yarn is like butter to stitch with and I think this short litte lacy keyhole frill will be perfect for Spring.
Wish me luck with part 2 because I will learn how to make a buttonhole. XXXX fingers.
This morning it's been one of taking it easy for both of us by the wood stove. It's 80 degrees according to the thermostat inside but to us, it's nice and cozy.
Neither of us have much energy today but the good thing is the sun is bright around the mountains today and sometimes just sunshine alone with Tylenol or aspirin + rest, an hot tea gets us better.
Well, off to put the tea kettle on for some afternoon tea.
Mr. Darcy has decided to cook supper tonight on the grill and he is an AWESOME griller!
I plan on resting the remainder of the day to save my energy up for tomorrow and hoping to hurry and get well.
Thank you for all the comments. You mean alot to me.
In the cross stitching world on Thrifty Thursday, found this at a thrift store ths week.
A make-do with a scissor holder. This gives me good ideas. I wonder if I could make one???
My cotton Hobby Lobby yarn, I'm practicing the waffle stitch pattern.
So, no syrup with these waffles. :P
My cotton-knitted washcloths are collecting here in this basket.
This is when I watch TV and need something mindless to do with my fingers that produces something functional later or a small giftie.
I am also working on a couple of cotton washcloths for a baby gift this month. A lot of time and love will be in this giftie for a set of twin boys but in actuality it's less than 4 bucks.
Hope your Thursday is winding up (no pun intended) well. 
Till later,
Abigail at her finest this morning sends her love all over the globe.


  1. It all looks wonderful, Jennifer!

  2. Abigail: Keep mommy and daddy warm make sure they take lots of liquids and get lots of rest.
    Jennifer: I love your scarf, the color is beautiful, good luck on the ruffle.

  3. Your scarf is very pretty.
    Good luck with the buttonhole :)

  4. Great knitting. Hope you are feeling better.


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