Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knitting away.............

Yes. Knitting away again. Did you know that knitting has the same effect as yoga on the body/mind as far as health benefits. It increases serotonin, the happy hormones in our brain. It decrease cortisol, which is a great benefit to the body's aging process.
It calms anxiety and increases the strength of our immune systems.

When I read that, I was convinced to finish this:

 I'm trying to finish this scarf and then onto cross stitching. I promised a close friend I would make her a scarf and she wanted pinks or greens. She hasn't seen this. I know she will love it. I hope to get this done by Valentines for her.

I made a mistake shortly after combining the second skein of which I couldn't figure out, so I carried it to a local town yarn shop and the sweet lady frogged out 4-5 rows and got it straightened out.
I was SO thankful for that. 

I hope to make some dishcloths with cotton as well, in fact while in her store I got this:

I only got one ball of cotton she had. She didn't carry Peaches and Cream so this one was pricey but I was just thankful she helped me out to finish the scarf.

No more sponges.

This is Italian cotton.

I use alot of blue, dark reds, golds and black in my kitchen so this will be nice.
I am looking at some utube tutorials for patterns.
I just want a functional cloth.
I've used handmade ones before and they are GREAT to clean with and very durable.

She said that one of these will make 2-3 dishcloths.

Back to Saturday chores and maybe some stitching time!

Hope you are having an AWESOME Saturday! Today in North GA it's cold but bright and sunny. The wood stove is drawing me near right now along with some English Breakfast hot tea.
 Mr. Darcy has split a second rack of seasoned wood and neatly put on the porch, ready to add to the stove.
Abbie is curled in a quilt for her morning nap and  in a one day flat completely tore off both ears of her new Valentine toy. :0

Chili in the slow cooker for dinner tonight with some homemade cornbread in the griddle.

With peace and love,


  1. Your knitting is looking great, Jennifer! I just started back knitting after about 38 years, and I too am loving it... stitching has been taking a back seat for a while now.

    Since it's been so long, I thought that I would start off with some dishcloths. After trying many patterns, I think that this is my favourite so far:

    I found that a lot of patterns I tried got "lost" when using varigated yarn (ie: zig-zag, diamond, etc.) where with this pattern it didn't. This is very simple one to follow, and is reversible. Have fun!!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I love all your knitting are doing a great job! I love knitted dishcloths too and so I am sharing a simple pattern that Mary Kathryn posted on her is the garter stitch and yarn over and these really hold up well.Happy Stitching.

    I used Lily Sugar & Cream (worsted cotton) yarn and #10 needles.

    Cast on 4
    row 1: knit
    row 2: k2, yo, knit to the end
    next rows: repeat row 2 until you have 40 stitches on the needles

    once you have 40 stitches the pattern is -
    k1, k2tog, yo, k2tog, knit to the end (repeat this row until you have only 4 stitches on the needles
    cast off.

  3. Great progress on your scarf.

  4. Jennifer the scarf is lovely it looks so warm.
    Love the other skeins.
    Cornbread is the best.

  5. A wonderful post Jennifer as always. I always enjoy stopping in and seeing what you're working on.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches


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