Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forecast: Ice and Glass

I was afraid to try to knit with these as they are glass but I read a bit more on them and started and can't stop. They stitch like butter.

Mommie makes a mess when she is creating~~Abigail

but it sure is nice and warm, dry, and cozy in here with the wood stove. We got some good dry oak last night delivered and it's making about 300 degrees or more hotter difference! My arthritis really is thankful.

We are ready for the ice tonight.

another mess at the homestead

Tonight all this will freeze and then prediction of 4 inches of snow on top of it. It might be another day of knitting or stitching, whatever the mood.

Right now, I'm enjoying knitting up a Kindle cover. I should be stitching on my model but got side tracked with this dark teal yarn. I started off with another needle and I cast on too many and it became too large. This time I cast on less and I think this will work. I'm going to make a flap and use a large wooden button to close.
The needles are size 13, so the project is stitching up fast.
Any experiences with glass knitting needles?

I have been reading online, and read they are really more durable than I thought as they are made of pyrex glass. I do know they slide like butter and has increased my speed. I can also see my mistakes and see my stitches better with the clear needle. 

Travel ready?  no.  But stay at home by the fire, ready for sure!

If anyone is interested I definitely would search on EBAY as you can get a very nice collectible pair for the same price as bamboo needles at Michael's or Joanne's. I was surprised.

I was also reading whether you can take on an airplane just for interest but it would be up to the TSA person to discard them or not. I wouldn't even take them to risk that. I would cry to watch these needles discarded like trash. 

But on the positive note, they are perfect at home, speedy needles and in a specialty store I would not have been able to get a pair so I'm happy with the deal I got on Ebay. Sorry for the dealer that was selling her store out but thankful for getting a pair.

 Stay cozy and stitch,


  1. We're ready for the bad weather expected tonight here on Fox Mountain. We have plenty of firewood to keep us warm in case the electricity goes out; emergency lighting; and the BBQ grill (like I need a reason to BBQ). We also have Chinese Checkers to play. So far, Jennifer is undefeated when playing me, but that will change!

  2. I am so jealous of your porch. To be so close to nature like that. What a view to stitch by. Your knitting is coming along very nicely:-)

  3. I donot knit but sure would like to own a pair, so I shall go to Ebay and haunt my antique shops to find a pair,
    thank-you for sharing, I await the finishing of your Kindle cover.
    Positively love the yarn color.

  4. Those needles are very pretty, as is your creation! Ooohhh...your fire sounds comfy ~ especially during such a storm.

  5. I didn't even know these needles existed - fascinating. They are certainly very beautiful.

  6. I've never seen glass needles! They're pretty and I'm glad to hear that they're good to knit with. I hope you get all that beautiful snow that is predicted!

  7. Aren't those glass needles the neatest things? Have never seen any before. I think it's so neat Jennifer that you're loving the knitting, and you're doing such a great job.
    Love that porch of yours and can't wait for my son to get ours built. I bet you spend a lot of time on that porch in the nicer weather.
    Keep up the great job on your blog girlfriend. I love it.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  8. We have dreadful weather here in the UK at the moment. Keep warm x


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