Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Model stitching Downton Abbey: the Family sampler

As I passed the color crayons and paint in a tray yesterday at a store, I remembered the days of color and painting~~ coloring anything I could as a child.
My mind then reverted to a big sigh and change of colors for Downton Abbey sampler I designed recently. The core family is honored in it. Mr. Darcy and I LOVE the story and are big fans of the majestic, British series. Finally, in the midst of moving stitching supplies from one room to a new sewing room, I fell in love with new colors I forgot I had which led to possible color changes once again, for the sampler.
I knew the general colors I wanted for each of the spot motif parts of this sampler but tweaking it using sampler threads instead of non-varigated threads, made my heart skip quite a leap.
Yesterday, on a road trip to visit family, I was able to stitch only a small portion on this 32 count Oyster linen. There is just something about riding in a car on bumpy roads and trying to stab with a number 26 needle, the right linen thread count. Honestly, I realize then, some bumps in the road I didn't know existed. But even though all the bumps in the road almost threw me off track, I managed to start a beautiful sampler. Life is that way sometimes. Just roll the bumps of the road and remember the focus is one stitch day at a time.
So today as it's raining and cloudy, gloomy outside really, I came to final decisions in the dining room (not the sewing room---sigh) with a cup of tea. Of course a cup of tea solves many issues.
I could imagine having a cup of tea with Lady Mary or Edith would be quite interesting for a brief moment of reprieval from the gray day. I then opened  my eyes back to designing and here are the final selections.
It's really fun and exciting, almost as much as birthing a baby (well, ok, skip the pain part) to put together the colors of something I designed. To see it through to the finish is an exciting time.
I'm in this part right now and its hard not to put all other things aside and stitch, stitch, stitch until it is completed.
Mr. Darcy himself will be framing this piece with his handsome, creative hands! This is also exciting to work on something together and see it through, both of us. I hope you will bear with me through the process of birthing this sampler! I also have a few irons in the fire for some smaller designs inspired by Downton.
This week's episode was quite the shock that Edith was left at the alter. Sometimes, though, we just dont know when initially traumatic events are really directing us to a better path and I think this will be so for Edith. She was so hurt, as anyone would be in front of a crowd of people to be left. I so wished that he was honest with her at least the night before but some people don't do honesty and those that do in the perimeter can't even fathom dishonest hearts. I hope better things are in store for Edith though. She seems to be a good-hearted soul.

Here's a peak of today:

the dining room soon to be normal again but until then.....................

lots of rich roses, reds, pinks, green, golds and majestic blues

Can I just linger here a month or two until I get this done? I love colors. I love sampler thread colors.
If there was a Sampler Thread Anonymous Group (STAG), I probably would qualify to attend. But this will be a process of time with intermissions. 

  With my assistant, Abbie (no pun intended), who is warming my spot at the computer, and closing her eyes with a mantra of "heat my treat".
Yup. the girl loves her homemade dog treats but not cold from the frig. She will not eat it.
BUT, if I microwave it until it's just a tad bit warm, she eats it.
There's much to be said about spoiling a certain dog. In fact, she is probably thinking the name Abbey is really Abbie for her. Honestly, the girl is a character.
Ok, back to basics, like what's for dinner?
 barbequed chicken wings
potato salad
green beans
honey biscuits
I best get busy.
Here's hoping you have a great Tuesday evening,


  1. Love the colors!! Abbie is so cute! Our dogs lead such good lives, don't they?

  2. I would love to join you for a cup of tea and I can't wait to see the final sampler. The colors look so rich!

  3. Before you were talking about getting a model stitcher, I was wondering if you knew that Nan of JUST NAN does her own stitching on every chart! She does this to make sure it is all correct.

    Yours is looking great! Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your blog...
    Amy from Oklahoma


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