Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The winner of the Giveaway and the anniversary of a magical moment

  JOLENE # 23 comment

Oh, how fun! I have been looking far and near for these sweet little scissors. I would love a chance at receiving your Faith, Hope and Love Giveaway! Also, I love the angel frame, it would look fabulous with whatever you choose to display in it. Happy Holidays!
Yay! Jolene! You will also get a chart from me on Downton Abbey with the threads and linen.
and a surprise too.
I will be mailing this out probably next Monday or Tuesday because this week is full of obligations and places to be.................but..............congrats and enjoy!
I wish I could have given 5 or 6 out at least but financially tied down at the moment. But, I will give you my love and attention anytime. I welcome emails and questions on the blog. I should answer a few here I've gotten:
Why does Mr. Darcy have another last name? 
Mr. Darcy is his nickname for the blog due to privacy issues. The Mr. Darcy is from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. When reference to Mr. Darcy in my blog, this is my husband.
Do you quilt?
no. I wish I did and I have pieced together a few things for Abbie to have a blanket but not a quilter. I am though a lover of fat quarters to back my cross stitching pieces, add to framing, or just to drool over on a cloudy day.
Are you a counselor?
no, I'm not a licensed counselor. I am a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Part time and have been for nearly 20 years now. This is how I work with women to heal hurts according to my bio profile. In my role as a nurse practitioner specializing in women's health, I do have instances for one on one counseling/ education as indicated by the problem but not a licensed counselor. I work in a private practice setting and do enjoy part time work with my analyical side of the brain which is balanced nicely with the creative side at home and doing stitching work.
How old is Abbie and what kind of dog is she?
Abigail Rennee Fox is 3 years old. She is a long-haired white chihauhau with brindle markings.
She is the most loving creature I've ever had and I love dogs! Her middle name is Rennee in memory of my chihauhaua who passed away in July 2 years ago. His name was Ren and he was 17 years old.
Are you of Irish descent?
yes, part Irish, part Indian, but I got more of the Irish features than my brother. And yes, I love Gone With the Wind, Scarlet OHara!!!!  :P
Do you do your own framing or have it professionally done?
I have always done my own framing because of lower costs with exception of Quaker Christmas because it is so large and I spent 9 months vigorously finishing that piece. I had protective glass put over it so it will not fade over the years. I hope one day my children will appreciate the value of needleart and care for it. If not, my stitching will be donated to the local women's shelter when I'm gone.
How long have you been designing?
Only about 2-3 years, did I try to express my thoughts of sampler making to paper. I find it extremely satisfying and have designed many many samplers and I frequently put a few on the blog to pay it forward and especially in this economy when buying patterns has become so expensive.
Do you plan to ever sell any samplers?
Yes. I've had many obstacles to overturn in the past 2 years to get where I can but I have a faithful partner who is supporting my goals to one day put them up for sale. When I do, I plan to  have both PDF format by email and also mailed paper copies. The mailed copies will be simple for several reasons 1) I try to keep it simple 2) the cost to you is a fraction of the glossy expensive patterns 3) you get the same results with simple patterns. I have a account and will probably start here with selling in the next few months. My hold-up is churning out the models for the pattern myself and I cannot afford a model stitcher now. But everything will happen in its own time............
Home is where the heart is and my heart is at home. I try to keep it simple, loving and a safe haven.
I've also had many thoughtful readers who just write me and it's truly a blessing. I'm going to change my email soon and put it on the blog as I have had some real doozies of spam to my personal one. At least I can weed those out.
Feathers in the Nest is my happy place. It's a place I come to, to share books, stitching, junkin, knitting, homesteading and designs with you. I hope to continue in the next year, 2013, and that in some way it helps you feel right at home, warm and cozy, and a place to chat about homesteading or whatever warms your heart.
Home has not always been a happy place for me unfortnately, but by the grace of God and answer to prayers, he has definitely changed that in 2012 and my wish even when I was a little girl of having a loving husband and home have come true. I know all this could not have happened without divine intervention and I thank Him for it every single day. I thank Him for continuing to protect me from those that have put me in harm's way for whatever sick reasons.
I hope you have a great evening. The day has really zipped by. The decorations will all be put away tonight and the house ready to receive some of Mr. Darcy's furniture and ideas to make the basement better living space.
And that, my friends, will include a sewing space!!!!
ON DECEMBER 26th, 2012
a love story began with friendship................................
the only words to describe is:
healthy love
Christian love
equally yoked
both musc lovers
both instrument players
both value home at the heart
both with God as the foundation
both with being raised only 25 miles apart (unknowingly)
he played football at an Augusta team in highschool, against my brother (unknowingly)
the first true gentleman I ever met
both lover of animals
he loves to minister to congregations through lay speaker
she loves to write
both love to dance
both love the same foods! (ok well except olives)
both have a creative side to nurture, he with woodworking and designing
me with stitching and designing.
we play a good game of Chinese checkers or two!!!!!
we always go to bed together at the same time and hold hands until we fall asleep
we have similar dreams and ambitions in life
that collided a year ago
through divine intervention and prayer by both
on 2 sides of the world
which turned into a beautiful marriage on November 20, 2012~~~~~~
A story. that I one day, will write as a book for testimony that God works in His own time and for our own benefit He will teach us patience, how to lean on Him, and that love never fails.
Yes, Dec 26 is a special day.  2 people, 7000 miles away, met and in 5 months, sent over 4000 letters to and from with phone calls many times a day, singing, praying together over the phone and just forming a strong bond.  That my friends is the best blessing I couldn't ever had imagined this year or even in a lifetime.
Sent to me at a time, a critical time, when God saw fit to continue His work through to others.
December 26, 2012
And this all started in a small country church, alone, in the North Ga. mountains, pouring out my heart to God for answers, for protection, for real love.
So remember no day is insignificant. Remember this every day, that something in one moment could change your life forever for the best.


  1. Wow: You Jennifer brought tears to my eyes I am also Blessed through the Grace of God to have a wonderful best Friend Partner and Husband.
    Merry Christmas to You Your Husband and to Abigail.

  2. Beautiful post, Jennifer! Congrats to Jolene!

  3. Dearest Jennifer,
    Lovely post and congrats to the winner.
    When you write about your analytical side of the brain I can agree with that one too. It has been my job for years to use that part, as a consultant on huge mushroom farms. Analyzing mushroom diseases, errors in growing culture and also people at times. It is not easy but we learn so much from it. Like you, I always have balanced that with lots of fine handwork, cross stitch embroidery, knitting, crocheting. But not that much anymore. I have only one eye (the other is legally blind...) and age is changing us. Even for fine sewing alterations I now use a South Korean lady in Atlanta. She is as meticulous as I once was.
    Wishing you both lots of happiness and above all good health for being together many more years.
    Hugs to you and a Happy New Year,

  4. What a beautiful post! You are right--God works in His own time, but always at the RIGHT time! So glad you are happy and it sounds like 2013 will also be a great year for you!!

  5. Jennifer what a warm, touching heartfelt post...I can feel your faith and your love.
    Blessings to you and your husband...a match made in heaven for sure.
    Happy Anniversary.

  6. Congratulations Jolene! Lovely giveaway. Congratulations on your marriage! I am so happy for you. Please pray for me as my family & I need your prayers and maybe someday I will be sent my own "Mr. Darcy". :)

  7. A beautiful and very special post for the end of this year Jennifer. What a wonderful year it has turned out to be for you.
    So happy for Jolene! The scissors are beautiful.
    I wish you and your dear hubby so much love and happiness in the coming year. All good things your way.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  8. Congratulations to Jolene. I can't wait to read more of your inspiring love story!

  9. What a beautiful love story! Miracles do happen and I am happy that you have found happiness with "Mr. Darcy". cool that I won! Thank you so much, my heart is still jumping for joy! I have been looking for those scissors without any luck, but my luck has changed, thanks to you. Can't wait to see what the surprise is, thank you again!


  10. Loved reading your beautiful story and I'm so happy for you! Wishing you both a New Year filled with great things!
    Congrats to Jolene!

  11. Thank you for sharing some bits about you and your lovely story.

  12. Congrats to Jolene!
    This is such a beautiful post Jennifer. I enjoyed reading your very special love story. I too have been blessed with a very special love in my life. I have known him since grade 4 and our paths crossed once again 12 years ago. My life has been so blessed since.
    I wish both of you continuing happiness in 2013!

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