Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

Here's hoping that all kind readers of this blog have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013!!!!
The Fox homestead is cozy this morning. We opened gifts, Mr. Darcy and I together cooked French Toast and bacon, cleaned it up and now reading by the wood stove. As he is a early to rise person ( not me...LOL) he had been up early, early and built a fire in the woodstove to make it nice a cozy with coffee morning for me.
I had many Christmas blessings this year. My parents came by to see me for a few minutes and that just made my Christmas bright. My dad brought some fat lighter for the new stove which I so dearly needed, in fact, I was about to go out to Walmart to get some starter pieces when he came by.  A very surprise indeed. Wish they could have stayed for Christmas Eve dinner as I had just pulled out of the oven a Dutch Apple Pie and had a beef roast and veggies ready for the Christmas plates but they had to go. My mama wanted to stay so bad.
My mama gave me a beautiful necklace that I wore perfectly to match a sweater dress last night for Mr. Darcy at dinner. And this morning Mr. Darcy gave me some beautiful Country Outfitter brown leather boots and a diamond necklace that has a heart within a heart. He said he specifically looked for a heart within a heart for the symbolic meaning. I thought that was so sweet.
Abbie got some new treats, a mat for dinner with her name on it, and extra love.
Mr. Darcy got a personalized football coffee mug for travel and at home, and a silver pocket watch with his initials on it and the inside says "I'll always have time for you Love, Jennifer Ann Fox"
We are looking forward this week of redesigning the basement level to include his Presidential desk which is HUGE and painting and such. I've curtains to make and just getting the area clean again without toys and clutter, the place looks s different. Pictures to follow this next week as we transform all the spaces. I will have a space just for sewing and also room for stitching friends to visit Fox mountain in the future. I'm really excited!
Thank you to all who participated in the Faith Hope and Love Giveaway!!!
I will be drawing a name soon and letting you know the winner!!!
Peace to You
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Here's an old design that I made a couple of years ago about this time of year, looking for peace in the year 2013!
I made a HUGE boo-boo with my knitting and had to frogg out after trying to change to a new ball of yarn. I will be going to a yarn store tomorrow to get back on track. I'm halfway done with Mr. Darcy's scarf. I'll take pics soon when I get this back on track!!!!!
In the mean time, I may finish Mr. Abe Lincoln in cross stitch.
Back to my cuppa,


  1. I am soo happy for you. May you and Mr Darcy enjoyed a very blessed Christmas, the first of many for you together.

  2. Merry Christmas to you & Mr. Darcy. May your warm & cozy home continue to be blessed.

  3. Merry Christmas:-) love your blog so much.you mentioned in your bio you help women heal hurts. Are you a counselor. Your necklace sounds beautiful:-) I love hearts. Homesteading sounds like so much fun. How long have you been doing. I have a question..hope you Dont think I'm silly...is Mr.Darcy your hubby do you just have different last names. Love your knitting and cute fur baby. Do you quilt too? Take care..how much snow have you got so far.

  4. Jennifer I'm wishing you and your the MERRIEST of CHRISTMAS.

  5. Merry Christmas. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  6. Wishing you a most Merry Christmas xx

  7. Happy Christmas to you and yours Jennifer. X

  8. Good morning after Christmas Jennifer - your day Christmas Eve and Christmas day sounds so wonderful and peaceful...I wish for you that your parents could have stayed to enjoy your wonderful roast beef dinner and oh my goodness how could anyone turn down apple pie!
    Wonderful gifts you both gave and received - such a lovely gift from Mr.

    You have a huge project ahead of you don't you...we'll all be waiting for photos for sure.


  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  10. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas! You will have to post the pics of your new boots! I want a pair of Country Outfitter boots too!

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. What a shame about your scraf, but I am sure you will get back on track. I am looking forward to seeing pics of your basement refurb.


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