Saturday, December 29, 2012

Knitting Back on Track. Finally. And GOOD eats

What a good morning!  I learned how to bind off, fix dropped stitches, and start a new skein of yarn with the assistance of U tube!!!!!  Now, I'm back on track and knitting my hands off to get this finished because I have SOOOOOOOOOO many cross stitching things going on and to get started. I project to be finished with this by monday. XXXXXX my stitchy fingers.
I love this brown and green tween yarn. I'm half way done. Mr. Darcy is loving it. He has a brown leather jacket and a green jacket too. I will have him "model" it for you when it's done. He's quite easy on the eyes......LOL
Then I read "Blocking my project???"  do I have to block this?????  Well, I  sure have all the resources now to go figure. It may be a little wobbly here and there but he knows it's made with all my love.
Still to do this week:
take the tree down
pack the village up and put the village people in their yearly home where they learn YMCA over again.
vacuum and dust
cook, clean, freeze leftovers
plan this week's meals
freshen up the guest bedroom ok, clean up the guests bedrooms
plan for welcoming in the year 2013 with a good time
finish Abe and Mary Lincoln models and frame
do about 25 loads of laundry---no kidding
get ready to watch Downton Abbey's new episode for this season
have a birthday party
I'm tired looking at the list. WHEW!
This is what Mr. Darcy cooked in the slow cooker last night.
It is scrumptious today for lunch.
He soaked the dried Navy beans for 24 hours
He cut all the good meat off the big bone and I froze sections of it for later in baggies
He added seasonings and 2 big hambones
I cooked it on LO in the crockpot all night.
This morning all the meat had fallen off the bone (which by the way went to Abbie)
And left this yummy, tummy-filling feast of ham and bean soup.

Yup, it was sooo good.
so if you have a leftover hambone this is a great way to make many bowls for freezing and good lunches for the winter.
Of course, Abbie was in HOG HEAVEN (no pun intended) when she got the part of the bone that was cooked all the meat off of.
She is not spoiled at all though. Really.  :0
She has eaten and knawed all she can and hid the rest of the bone under the sofa, like I didn't notice, for later treats.
She is certainly a hoot. Now, if I could only train her to help me clean the house or do laundry.......
I hope this finds you learning something new and a good full, warm tummy.
Till later from our house to yours,


  1. I think the scarf is looking great. And homemade soup sounds yummy. I think I might make some for dinner tonight. ;)

  2. The scarf looks good and the soup yummy on this cold, snowy day!

  3. The scarf is coming along nicely and the soup looks wonderful for a cold snowy day.

  4. Your knitting is lovely and that soup looks yummy. Happy New Year to you and thank you for your lovely posts x

  5. Beautiful scarf, I still need to learn to knit.
    Happy Newyear.

  6. Yoyur scraf looks great. Got to love soup on a cold wintery day.


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