Friday, November 2, 2012

November: The Remembrance of Thankfulness in a Daily Way

Yup, November blew in like a flash. Time is going by fast. So fast!
Just a short note here to thank each and every one of you. I enjoy your comments and your personal emails. They lift my day more than you will ever know.
Thanksgiving, of course, is this month and to me is a reminder of what sometimes I take for granted.
It's a day to celebrate the day that symbolizes ALL days of the year for we are all blessed with something if we only think for yet a brief moment.

I'm determined to get the DV sampler finished in design and then framed. I will show a pic later of my slow progress. My next plan ( which could change---tehehe) is a few smalls in between a Christmas ornie. I've decided this year that I will focus more on the Downton Abbey sampler I designed during the holidays in hopes for the January new season. I'm SO ready, are you?

With chronic degenerative joint disease, I have good days and bad. I wouldn't really call them bad but just less than normal for movement and aching. Today, even though a bright sunny day, I ached all over so bad when getting out of bed. One goal for the New year is to take better care of myself through diet and exercise and stress management. Yeah, yeah, I know-----we all set out to promise on the New Year's but I'm serious. I've gotten away from yoga and I can tell so much. 

It makes a difference in the creative flow process when we are well rested and not under so much stress.
We all have stress, some of us are just not as good at managing it as others (sometimes me). I hope to be better at it again.

So I'm starting my gratitude list for Thanksgiving and each day this month will add one:

Gratitude affects and makes ATTITUDE!

I'm thankful for:

1)Abbie, my forever fur baby friend who has been there and will to the end.

2)Mr. Darcy, my best friend

Stay tuned for daily adds. Everyone is different and they are in no order of significance, just random thought.

I love to read, and if you have followed this blog, you know how I LOVE my kindle. I add at least 5 books, mostly free from Pixel of Ink from FB to my Kindle to read at another time.
There is another freebie site for kindle books but you have to grab them that day or the next they go back to regular price. It's called Inspired Reads and it's all Christian books.

I grabbed this freebie Daily Deposits for the Soul and each day I read one at lunch. It really realigns my thoughts which fluctuate daily, unfortunately. This first little chapter to read was about gratitude. It's something I'm challenged with when faced with fiercely disturbing circumstances; however, it's something we all do at some time in our life. It discussed meditation of which I'm a firm believer in the benefits for our body and mind. I just read an article that meditation alone reduces our stress hormone, cortisol, by 50%. That, my friend, is a huge benefit.

The challenge the author is explaining is to think ONLY on the things that are pure, admirable, or praiseworthy. Now isn't that a big thing in this world today? 

Unfortunately, in focusing only on those things, we have to turn away from things, even people who bring us down or constantly send out negativity, jealousy, or hurtful words.
This I learned is the hardest as we are taught to love all people. And we can still love all other people, forgive them but set our boundaries not to be in their presence of negativity. This has really been a hard but important fact throughout this year as I have been presented with alot of the negative but it's true that if we focus on positive in some way, we are much better for ourselves and others.

I'm only human, so I have to remind myself of this daily. This book really is a daily life send with good thoughts to interplay into my life during all times.

"In Everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thess. 5:18

I give thanks for you. I find that blogging is not always done to some people's taste and they come and go for whatever reason, yet, I still find that there is always a positive and usually it comes through emails from loving friends who do enjoy reading. I want to thank those who have taken their time to comment and read what's going on at the homestead and all those who enjoy stitching and nest-making as much as I do!

This book, Daily Deposits for the Soul really helps me so I thought I would share.
 In the beginning of the preface the author references for Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love.
The author of this book, Daily Deposits for the Soul is Henry Matlock. Just passin' it on to any who love to read something positive each day.

Hope your Friday keeps on being the best!


  1. I always enjoy your posts. Thanks so much for the links. I am grateful for you and what you share on your blog.

  2. Wonderful post today. I too am trying to mange my stress as per doctors orders. Breathing, meditation and Yoga do help but I will be honest it's doesn't take much to get my nervous system pumping.. But like you I'm focusing on the daily gifts around me.
    Today I turn a year older and am grateful for the life I have. No longer will I wish for something better instead I focus on the good around me and TRY MY BEST everyday...tis all I can do.


  3. Jennifer: Sometimes the devil gets in and rips things apart I too have had a problem with jealousy, same on these people if God made everyone the same this wonderful world it would be boring, I love reading you blog it lifts me up often, I look at the negative people in this world and pray for them.
    I look forward to seeing your progress on your Downtown Abby.



  4. I am very thankful to have Jennifer in my life. I love her more than anyone could ever imagine. I am also thankful to be alive after having been to war four times. I am also thankful for the grace of God. John 3:16.


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