Sunday, October 28, 2012

Treats at the Homestead

There's a really, wicked, cool vintage/thrift store called Velvet's Vintage. Velvet is a sweet lady and the nicest person you'll meet. She has a neat place and also had a small auction this weekend of which was some me time for my introverted self. You know when I saw old cotton batting quilts of years gone by, flapping on the porch rail, I had to stop!  If you Facebook, like Velvet's Vintage and you will be able to see her latest updates on her house of the shop and any auctions.
I really was looking for a chest of drawers but found other things instead. Many things went for only 5 bucks, I'm talking, exciting good. I absolutely didn't need 4 quilts but as I love old, old homey, vintagey linens and such, they were calling my name in the wind and sun so I got them for a little of nothing to change out at the homestead here in the mountains.
I haven't measured them but my favorite is a smaller one, probably for a twin bed but I'm using it now for a quilt change on the sofa by the fire. There are very few fray spots on a couple here and there but  all handmade with the back of the quilt made of 15 lb bags of white flour sack cloth from Athens, Ga on one of them.
Interesting indeed.

Besides quilts, I got 2 old, steady chairs painted in a cream color for 7 bucks.
It was perfect because it replaced my others I had before and the best thing is I like these alot more.
Sometimes when the weather is nice, I like to eat outside with Mr. Darcy.
This quilt is the largest one and probably would fit a double bed. It's bright and cheery and I could only think of Christmas and Valentine's decor when I saw this one.
The backing is all old calico red cotton.
This is the second quilt and it's light and airy for the Spring months.
It's old and the backing you can tell was all handstitched.
This is the next one, it's the smallest, probably for a twin bed. It now graces the sofa by the fire.
This one is my favorite!
It's the one that has the old 15 lb flour sack cotton printing on the back.
The last one here is also an old, pretty design.
Fits a double bed which is what I prefer to sleep in anyway.
 Life is way too short not to sleep cozy.
It's amazing how we can repurpose old quilts. When I first saw them I thought that when I unfolded them, there would be holes and damage but very few worn frayed areas, not even noticable.
There is lots more life to these quilts.

And they will grace the homestead in some way or form. I'm sure they were loved by some other folks somewhere as well and whoever made these quilts with their loving hands probably had no idea they would end up in this home. The designs on the quilts I'm sure all you quilters would know, I don't, but I do love them all and yesterday was a wonderful day out.

Sadly, we wanted to leave church this morning and go for a ride for some Fall pics but the wind has been quite breezy and cold here and the leaves and acorns are falling fast with  a rainy cloudy day. 
The sun came out for about 30 minutes and it's already getting near dark. But in spite of the weather, the fellowship and worship service was good and the message was very good this morning.

So after church I put a pork roast in the crockpot for tomorrow's supper along with some fresh veggies and while that was on the way and started, cooked a 2 layer yellow cake with chocolate icing which definitely hit the spot!

I vacuumed lots of Abbie hair and cleaned the kitchen and family room while the warmth of the fire place is radiating nothing but COZY. I sorted out some stash and fibers and put them back where they belong and found the ottoman again. :)  I couldn't believe how many threads, needles, hoops, frames, and patterns to stitch was piled up on the ottoman!!

I sat down a few too many minutes now and could definitely take a nap but instead going to finish the last episode of Downton Abbey, Season 2--the Christmas episode with Mr. Darcy. I'm all giddy about this episode and can't wait until January for Season 3 here in the US. We just decided we are going to restart and watch both seasons again in the next few weeks.

This Abbie is all cozy now on her pillow and soaking up the warmth from the fire.

She has her "Baby, it's cold outside" hoodie on. She's a hoot!
She is in a pensive mood as she doesn't particularly like this hoodie. Some she likes and some she pouts for hours at me for putting on her. She even refused a treat, a bacon one. But she finally forgave me for the hoodie and is now considering keeping me.
Have a great Sunday evening!
I'm fixing to have another piece of chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk.
Downton Abbey is about to start here.


  1. those quilts are just gorgeous and I love your house it lovely.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Hi Jennifer. I have not been following the blogs for a while, but I plan to come back now. I loved your posts. Those quilts are beautiful. I have an old quilt from my great aunts. Abbie is adorable. Keep warm.

  3. I love your quilts. My grandmother left me three quilts. I gave one to each of my two daughters on their wedding days.I kept one for myself. It is a butterly pattern. I so love it.
    I love your blog, hope you stay safe through hurricane Sandy. I live in Ontario Canada and it is suppose to hit us as well.

  4. One more thing I am totally addicted to Downton Abbey too I am so looking forward to season 3 especially with Shirley Maclaine

  5. One more thing I am totally addicted to Downton Abbey too I am so looking forward to season 3 especially with Shirley Maclaine

  6. Oh my goodness!! Those are fantastic quilts. I can just imagine someone sitting by themselves or with their neighbours, quilting these. WOW! It is just amazing how they did all that work by hand. I first learned by hand when I was about 15, but only did one square. I liked it, but loved playing outside instead. Abbie looks a little pensive but warm at least!! :) Your cake looks delicious, must make one myself soon! :)

  7. Beautiful quilts!
    That cake looks delicious.
    Here I am....5 weeks in Atlanta and I never thought to look you up!
    Where is my head?

  8. Just found your blog and enjoyed my visit. Love those old quilts. If they could only talk. Thanks for the visit and the cake looks delicious.

  9. Your vintage quilt finds are glorious!

  10. The quilts are beautiful! I wouldn't have been able to leave them behind. The cake sure looks yummy.

  11. Jennifer again you went to one of my favorite places! I love Velvet's Vintage and wish I would have been home to go to the auction. Those quilts are amazing. Did you stop by Hearts and Flowers too?

  12. What a treasure find, those are lovely quilts. The chocolate cake looks yummy.Your home sure looks cozy and warm. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  13. Dear Jennifer!
    Blankets are wonderful!! The kitchen counter I see God I will be handing all your problems today.
    It is important to expose the apartment biblical quotations.
    God bless you!

  14. Goodness Jennifer could you have gotten a better purchase than those quilts...they are just gorgeous. Quilts make a home so warm and comfortable looking (and feeling too).
    Such pretty chairs too...they go well with the setting on the porch.


  15. Wow - what wonderful quilts and chairs. Indeed a nice addition to the homestead! Hope you are doing well. Haven't been around much, but wanted to give you a shout out. :)

  16. You certainly found some treasures, Jennifer ~ enjoy!

  17. The pork roast was fantastic. Watching the Christmas episode of Downton Abbie with you was awesome. I am so blessed to be able to enjoy so many things with the person whom I love most in the world.

    Mr. Darcy


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