Sunday, October 7, 2012

Progress on a Quaker freebie

Good Sunday afternoon!
Mr. Darcy and I are going to watch Season 1 episodes 3 and 4 soon from the CD collection.
We had a great dinner. Last night I thought I would post my progress on this Quaker sampler.

Vicki was right on her guess! This one is on Liberty House Primitives freebie, Doing Right quaker sampler.  I love all her freebies. If you haven't checked her blog out, hurry over!
Previous photo is:
Abbie is chowing down on her "snack mat" a bone and enjoying every bit of it.
We had a good dinner of roast beef, rice and gravy, pinto beans, green beans and dessert in the frig.
Chocolate pudding with whipped cream.
While it's chilling nicely, we are going to chill with a few more episodes of Downton Abbey!
It's just one of those days to chill. :P
Cloudy, but still moderatatley cool temps and falling tonight to the 40's.
Bring it on Fall!!!!
Till later,


  1. your dinner sounds good.

    It's Thanksgiving in Canada so we have a full turkey dinner ahead of us...

    Gill in Canada

  2. Abbie is so cute..
    Lovely stitching xxx

  3. Love the Quaker piece and will have to go on over and check it out. We have been so busy this weekend that I think I only got an hour in of stitching, but will catch up some this evening.

    I continue to love your wonderful blog. Have a great week.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  4. ooo nice colour you are using .. loved the pudding thanks :) helloo Abby and thank you for the freebie too ... just catching up been away for some much needed R n R :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Cute stitches! Am I too late for dessert!?!

  6. Sounds like you and Mr. Darcy are enjoying a perfect day! I need to see if I can watch Downton Abbey "On Demand" from Directv. I've been hearing rave reviews about this series.


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