Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Thrift Finds and Progress on Quaker freebie

Thursday thrifting was fun! I found a new thrift store and one treasure in it. I went to look at junk frames because I needed a 6 x6 or so square frame. I came home with this instead!!!!

A brand new Sudberry Oak box for 3 bucks. If you order online or buy it's about 45.00.
What a deal!
I stained it and it's still wet in this pic but I wanted a more distressed darker wood.
And boy, what a mess I made in the kitchen with this. I first applied with a rag then when I started using a sponge applicator, it was way too much dripping it everywhere. I burned the corn on the cob in the process as I was cooking supper at the time, BUT, I think it will dry out well and our dinner turned out to be fine.
Abbie was glad as she got her own grilled salmon, taters, and beans in a chi size serving! :P
The heavy metal (sounds like music) copper distressed frame was another find at the thrift store.
I went to a second thrift shop and got this for 3.00. I may try to redo the pattern for this old, old motif.
I found this frame for 3 bucks there of which I plan to take apart and frame the sampler I am working now, Doing Right Quaker freebie by Liberty House Primitives.
My progress is here:
I know it's a slow-goer for me but at least I'm moving forward. :)
The above frame will be the one I use and after I take out those lovely cross stiched hearts, I will use that to make a needlebook most likely.
I got this piece of wool at a local quilt shop. It's a fat quarter. I have in mind to use for some Christmas ornies.
Well, Fall is certainly here. The leaves are changing if ever so slightly and the peak should be next weekend here.
The colors are definitely inspiring and the cooler weather is helping me get in the Christmas ornie stitching mode.
I still have these to read through as well. Historical patterns are very intriguing to me as it seems that the motifs symbolize whatever the stitcher was experiencing at that time or her hopes and dreams.
A sampler design certainly is a symbolic story-teller.
On the designing front, I'm still working on a Downton Abbey, rather large sampler, that you will like if you are a DA fan like me and Mr. Darcy. We are still catching up on episodes and into the mid of the second season now. We for sure, will be ready for that January 6th new season!!!
Happy Saturday and Happy Fall to all,


  1. Wow! Congrats on all the wonderful finds! Hugs to Miss Abbie she is precious as always! I have to enjoy your thrifty finds this week, I didn't make it to thrift all week, oh my! But the girls and I have a trip planned to the covered bridge festival here in Indiana on Monday & Tues, which is supposed to be a "junkers" dream. So hoping to have some goodies after that.

  2. Dearest Jennifer,

    You hit the jackpot with your thrift finds! That shadow box is unbelievable for that price.
    Hope all will dry up nice and looking as you want it to.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Excellent finds. I need to go thrifing with you. I never buy new frames...why should I when there are so many waiting for a new life.

  4. ohhh well done on the finds ... rather jealous you got that box we don't get that good a bargain normally over here ....
    glad your supper wasn't ruined while you were staining it ... Miss Abbie is sooo cute posing for the camera :)
    and progress is progress :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. You had a great thrifting day! I never find anything good here. I probably don't go often enough to catch the good stuff.

  6. Great finds and goodies, Jennifer!

  7. Great thrift store finds, Jennifer. Could you provide a link to the Quaker freebie?

  8. Excellent thrift finds for you this week Jennifer. I found a real sweet one myself at a yard sale this morning. Will be showing it off on my blog for sure.

    I just love your ideas and the fact that you do so many different things. The box you stained I know will come out beautiful.

    I'll be back soon!
    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  9. Oh my! How wonderful to find such great items. I have been wanting a box like that for a lonng time. And the metal frame is so cute with the hearts. I too love to find second hand frames. They really can sometimes be nicer than new ones. :)

  10. Wow!!! what great finds!!! Especially love that box!! And the staining job you did!


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