Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tonight is going to be THE night to finish Mr. Darcy!

Yes, it's hop here and hop there and definitely a full moon out there.

I'm so excited someone got me a ticket to see Van Halen in Atlanta!!!!!!  EXCITED.

So, you might want to mute the playlist because I listed some of my favorite Van Halen songs and they aren't your average easy listening ones. ;)

But, this is the love week, right?

Speaking of that, I've been so busy that I'm hoping I get Mr. Darcy finished soon.

I did finish his sillouette.

I just need to put A Single Man in......then a key. Then frame!!!
Then he's done.
He will reside on top of my piano for the week.
He kinda likes music anyways. :P

Today was just one of those catch up days.
2 steps forward 1 step back.

I had a serious pout going on today when:

a) I mistakenly went the wrong time to the dentist and the clerk was about as friendly as......well, letter b here:

b) the postal clerk next who complained because I had 3 packages to mail at 4:58pm

c) Thomas coughed up a nice size hairball right there in front of me as if he was proud when I got home

d) I bumped a lady's car door in a parking lot getting out something and she went nuts and overboard while I just stood there and said "Really?"

 but it all balances out with some REALLY good things too.  So all is over and now warming up leftovers of leftovers for dinner, then settling in for working on Mr. Darcy's finale and some other things that are heartwarming..........I digress.

Time to get done and move on to another pretty sampler real soon if I could put my Kindle down for a second.


  1. Enjoy your evening with Mr. Darcy and good luck on a happy dance finish (with Van Halen playing in the background)!

  2. So jealous that you are going to see Van Halen! Have a blast. Cuddle up and stitch the nite away tonight because it's suppose to turn cold tonight again up in the mountains.

  3. Sounds like your day is ending on a high note - good food, stitching, and the Kindle. Plus Van Halen to look forward to! Enjoy!

  4. Love your pouty face in the mirror. Van Halen is sure turn that pouty face right around. Enjoy stitching and anticipating your concert!

  5. have a lovely stitchy time..and good luck on happy dance finish..
    love for you
    cucki xxx

  6. Stitching looks lovely, espcially your stitching on top of the piano. Sounds like you have had an eventful time so enjoy finishing up Mr. Darcy and we'll be looking forward to your next update. Happy Stitching!


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