Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Freebie from Notforgotten Farms blog---Cool!

Notforgotten Farms is one of my favorite blogs to read. I love all her things, her creativity and she has a great freebie for any special person in your life for a quick stitch. I've printed it off and hope to stitch it up soon. In  case you haven't seen it click here:

It's called A Token of Friendship designed by Lorrie at Notforgotten Farm.

Visit her blog for more primitive designs. She also hooks. (ok, ok, I know that sounds weird) but honestly she is a very talented lady.

I hope your week started off yesterday with lots of love and warmth.

After being out of the swing of things for a while, I've finally gotten back into Yoga and already can feel the difference in the way I feel. I love the stretches and learning new poses. I'm amazed at the flexibility it builds and how much each day to add to this.

Yoga. It does a body good.

Yada. A new word I learned, in Hebrew yesterday in reading. It means "showing love" and a deep close connection with someone. I thought it was cool to learn that.

Yada is dedicating ourselves to a person so we can engage them with our love and affection.

Yada for Valentines month!

My designing mind may work further with that thought today in between a list of chores to get done.

Namaste to Tuesday!


  1. Hi Jennifer. Let us know how your burns are healing, would you? :)


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