Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words and so Do Books

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. ~~Notting Hill, 1999

Just a thought-provoking day as I sat on my back porch in the sunny, cool breeze and finished chapter 2 and into chapter 3 of a book that is really good, A Confident Heart by Renee Swope.
 I'm catching up on an online study.

Two primary things struck me in the first chapter

1) Doubt and Hope cannot exist at the same time.

2) There will always be those who judge us, hurt us, turn their heads, lie to us, and shun us even though we are human and not perfect; but there is One who made us, that will never do any of that to us.

3) If we are living/seeing shadows, it's because we are not turned toward the light.

I don't know why I started it really, but in thinking, how ironic, Valentine's month is a good time to read this after-all.

It's about a very good love story which follows us from birth to death.

If you would like to join this study you can click here:

and on facebook as well here:

If you purchase the book, I recommend the paperback instead of the Kindle as you would probably write in your book to reread later on someday.

I know this has nothing to do with stitching but I just wanted to share as we all are not just compartmentalized into one thing. We really have a variety of areas of life and interests, just as there are different kinds of fiber that hold us all together for a pattern.

Sleep well, friend.

Till later,


  1. Thank you for your sharing thoughts on this study. You're providing us with some ideas we need to ponder - at least you are for me!

  2. such a sweet post..
    i love the frame so much with lovely house in garden..
    blessings cucki xx

  3. Good psalm to remember. Nice new script font you chose.

  4. "A love story that follows us from birth to death." Love that. It's the only real true love story there is because He is the author of love and knows how to love so unconditionally.


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