Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's really easy to think about Mr. Darcy now

My stitching slump is done. Over. Just because it just is.

 I pulled another, yes, another serial starter, from my stash as I'm so inspired by Mr. Darcy. :)

Yes, Mr. Darcy is swooning ladies........still in this century.

I have had this pattern in my stash for a long time, put a few stitches in today and then answered the door to a dozen roses in my favorite color!!!

Mr. Darcy sampler
designer The Sampler Girl

Right now, I'm beginning the lettering in Crescent Colors Belle Soie Teddy Bear.

I'm so blessed. I love pink roses! Makes my skirt fly up pretty high. LOL

I'm a bit distracted of late.

I finally mailed the giveaway to the post office and the one I owed Lorraine (embarrassed to say) which also included a special treat for her for waiting through the storm with me. I hope she likes it. Lorraine, thank you for your patience!

Only good things for 2012, positive things are what I'm focusing on.

However, in the middle of this over the weekend I had an accident with spaghetti sauce, boiling in a microwave dish and when I took it down it went everywhere but the plate. I had 2nd degree burns all over my left arm, as I had sleeveless on, and top of my right hand.
Today is the first day the swelling in my hands went down to normal.
Yes, I'm a bit clutzy this week but it's healing good and hoping this does not leave scars. XXXX
I drove myself to Urgent Care and couldn't have asked for better doc on call so everything going well now, healing and back to typing faster and hopefully stitching some in between this:

Attention-seeking, Rug-roller, Rose-stem eater, and Beggar of Treats

I have no idea what has gotten into Abbie but I think she is showing me that she needs more lap time and back rubs. I don't think she could sleep any closer under my neck at night.

I did splurge on a small purse last week that just inspired me so that it had to come home with me.
Brighton makes my knees weak.

When I walked past the largest Brighton store I've seen in my entire life, I had go in as it was like a candy store. They said it just opened 2 months ago. This was on sale and on the inside is this:

When I opened it and read that on the inside, I caved.

All you need is Love.....I'm humming the Beatles song now all the time. ;p

Which leads me on a search for a sampler, kind of a big project but I will have the time.....It is monochromatic and has all the attributes of Love. Have you seen that one before?
I'm on a serious search for it to work on this year.

But right now, The Sampler Girl's Design, Mr. Darcy, will take my attention and affections. :)

I hope your week is going well so far!


  1. Gorgeous roses.
    Beautiful purse.
    Adorable fur-baby.

    Life is good, huh?

    Oh...sorry about the burn.

  2. Are you looking for My Big Toe's I Corinthians? They also have a Love block, but I don't think it's what you had in mind. Hope I "found" it for you!

  3. Reading your post as I watch "Becoming Jane"- what a coincidence! :) Excited for you on your new start- Tanya's Jane patterns are the best. :) Beautiful roses!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your burns! Ouch! So glad that you're healing well, though. Your roses and sampler are beautiful!! You always inspire me. Your new purse is gorgeous - I like purses like some women like shoes. LOL I can see why you couldn't pass it up.

    Many blessings - Julie

  5. That are lovely roses!!!
    I really hope your arm is less painful by now. That accident sounded awful.
    Abby is a cutie as always.
    And looking forward to see more of Mr. Darcy
    I'm SO glad that you seem to be at a happier place now Jennifer. You deserve lots of happiness in 2012 (and all other years there after)

  6. hello dear, so sorry to hear about your burn..
    aww very lovely roses..
    and stunning purse..and cute sampler..
    happy stitching
    hugs cucki xx

  7. ooo lovely roses and cute purse and helloooo abbie we have a new furbaby at the mouse house now... a cocker spaniel called Bentley :)
    sorry to hear about the burn and I hope you find that pattern you want .. love mouse xxxx

  8. You have to love Mr. Darcy.
    I hope that your arm heals quickly and smoothly. Ouch!

  9. Hope your burns are healing well. Ouch!
    Lovely project you chose, lovely roses (wish I could smell them), love that purse! And who wouldn't love someone as cute as Abbie?!?!

  10. So sorry about your burns. I am sure Abbie is helpful. More beautiful roses! I too am having a pretty good week. Glad you are stitching again. :)

  11. What beautiful Roses - and I'm so sorry about the burns...I've been there but from grease - not a pretty site. Fortunately my scars have faded to just dark marks but no puckering....dr. said I did exactly as instructed - hopefully you will heal fast.
    What a beautiful purse!

  12. Jennifer,
    I hope your burns heal! It seems that all you need is love (and the purse, red roses, Mr Darcy and Abbie of course!)


  13. Beautiful roses.
    Yeah I do not think I could have passed up a purse that had that written in it.

    Ahhhh gotta love that face on Abbie saying what about me.

    I am glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Prayers for continued healing.

  14. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your spaghetti sauce accident. I hope you are no worse for wear. At the very least you can tell people it all happened when you were in the sauce! Your roses are lovely. I like pink ones too. Girls need love, whether it is with roses, fur baby rubs, or new purses.

  15. Oh how I love your Mr.Darcy sampler. That is going to be so great. Jane Austen and The Sampler Girl go together beautifully. Abbie is just so adorable and your roses are beautiful. I too love roses....I hope your burn is healing okay...those are really painful. Here is to a wonderful 2012 for you!
    P.S.....grins....I love Brighton too!!!!!!!

  16. Jennifer, so sorry about your s. sauce incident. I'm glad you are a-ok!

    I stitched up "Be Still" when Tanya first offered it up. It's framed and hangs next to my bed. I needed that verse at just the right time in my life. I still look to it today.

    I too have Mr. Darcy, but haven't started it. I do have the fabric though. I may just use DMC. I can't wait to see yours finished up. I don't have a husband anymore, but who doesn't like a Jane Austen themed piece no matter anyone's marital status, or lack thereof :-) I will still stitch it because the verse couldn't be more true...hugs girl!

  17. I am so sorry to hear about your burn. Hope you're not in too much pain and are on the road to recovery. Beautiful roses!

  18. So sorry about your burn. Take care, Jennifer.


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