Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finding a sunny spot today

Got up. Made coffee. Sent Abbie to "do her business" after a 13 hour induced sleep from nausea and pain meds for my hand last night. Made toast to down some more antibiotics (gross but what's the alternative now).

 And then looked over and saw a bright spot in my day. ;)

Abbie found her blanket and dragged it over to find just the perfect sunny spot and now she's chillin'.

Yep Miss Ray of Sunshine she is!

Who me?

May we all be as content as finding that simple ray of sunshine on this cold Saturday

And meditate on those important people and things that we surround ourselves with full of love.

That's what I plan to do now and always.

Got infected especially on the burn of my right hand. Doc said yesterday antibiotics are a must not an option so as nauseating as they are, I'm taking them as ordered. I had 2nd degree burns all the way up the left arm and the top of the right hand is a little worse but I'm working hard at healing it up.
Please pray for me for these burns. I really didn't need this to happen at all but much less right now.
Came home last night freezing to death and after a bath and nausea med slept from 8p to 9:30am.

Going to finish my coffee now.

Have a great weekend and I hope your sunny spot is where you will be!

Love ya,


  1. So sorry about your burns--may they heal quickly with the aid of the meds! Miss Abbie is a pip! Hugs!

  2. So sorry your burns didn't heal well on their own, but glad Miss Abbie can make you smile through the pain. What a gift our four-legged buddies are! Take good care of yourself!

  3. Love it how our furbabies make us smile :^) Here's to a speedy recovery with your injury, and hope you'll be feeling as good as new very soon!

  4. Oh Jennifer! I am so sorry you are healing slowly and nauseated too! I will keep praying for you. Sweet little Abby. That's just what our two small dogs do when the sun shines just so.:) Take care.

  5. Hello dear. Hope you feel better soon and the pain go away..sending you warm hugs ..
    Abbie is so cute.. Kisses for her xxx
    Take care and keep well xxx

  6. Sending good wishes your way...hope you feel better soon.

  7. ohhh sorry to hear your burn has got infected ... hope the meds do the trick for you ... and bless Abbie for finding a wee bit of sunshine in her life ... love mouse xxxx

  8. Take your medication regardless. I know that you will heal much quicker now. Prayers coming your way. Love to Abbie.

  9. What a wonderful ray of sunshine. :) Sending prayers. Cathryn

  10. Abbie is such a great companion! I hope the meds help and you find relief soon. Sending good thoughts and prayers...

  11. Sending prayers your way that you will heal quickly. Give Abbie a big hug!

  12. Jennifer-so very sorry to hear about your burns and infection-lots of warm thoughts and daily prayers going out to you. Glad you have Abbie to make you smile and keep your heart warm! Be well.

  13. I'm so sorry about your burns and the side effects of the meds. I will be praying for your quick and total healing!

    Miss Abbie is so adorable! Oh, my goodness - she really is a ray of sunshine and I'm so glad you have her in your life to bring that sunshine!

    Take care and have a blessed weekend.


  14. Hope you're arm and hand heals fast. That's indeed something you don't need right now.
    Miss Abigail is a little Miss Smartypants isn't she? Indeed a Ray of Sunshine.
    Wishing you a quick healing and sending you lots of hugs

  15. I hope that by now your hand is looking somewhat better and that you're feeling perkier.

    That Abbie - she is one smart pup!

  16. Oh you poor thing! I pray that your burn will heal soon, that sounds horrible! What a cute picture of little Abby in the sun. Looks like something my cat would have done. I came home today from a little trip and got your wonderful scissors and my favorite kind of candy bar pack in the mail You are the best!!!! I'll post on my blog tomorrow. You definitely put a sunny spot in my day today, and I thank you for being so sweet.
    Get better soon!

  17. Hope your burns are better now! Gotta love Miss Abbie! She's a sweetheart!

  18. I hope your burns go away quickly and that you can get off the pain meds that make you sick.
    Leave it to little Abbie to brighten everyone's day!
    Pat-pat. :)

  19. Hope the infection clears up soon! Abbie is too cute.


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