Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feathers in the Nest publishes next volumes from Cutest Blog on the Block Books

I have to say that the idea to publish your blog/ your interests, pictures, memories, stitching progress, and all the things you write about is a brilliant one!  I started doing this about 2 years ago through The Cutest Blog on the Block website. I have a few gaps in time. The comments are left out as the default. My first book, I did publish everything but they do charge by the page, so eliminating comment pages just shows your post writings.

 The volumes to my writing are kept in my home office together on my desk. Yes, you can store it on the computer but I am keeping a written copy for personal use. If you have a family that cares about your life, it is a great way to keep memories alive to the next generation, or if not, donate to a charity or a home.

SO, with that being said, got another volume which covers Jan1-July1, 2011. You can choose what you want for the front and back. It's just so cool to add to your personal library.

Here are a few pics of this volume.

my own design of the Royal Wedding on the front.

The back has a picture of an antique sampler find I have hanging in our home. A very sweet stitching phrase.

a great way to remember your trips.

special samplers and designs

Stash shopping and stitching progress

And even Abbie sneaks in every now and again. ;)

dedication page which differs with each volume

Each one I publish is about 200 pages, so this was right on target. I need to go back and fill in some publishing gaps in time. This is the third volume I've published so far. Of course, this is for personal use only, no to sell. I took advantage of a 15% off sale they were having a couple of weeks ago.

The beginning has a directory page for the topics you write about

And of course the pages are glossy and thick. Very good quality.
You can option to order it in hardback form but I always got softcover.
You have several options for the color of your book. The two previous ones were in antique brown.
This one I chose blue because I knew I wanted to put this sampler on the front.

So, this morning, adding another volume to the office as I dust.

For more information on how you can turn your blog into a personal book click

A pic of Abigail this morning. She is just about to nod off for a nap. She is not happy that the laundry basket is empty in the closet. But I am! : P

Until later, make memories!


  1. What a great idea! I didn't know about it so many thanks for showing it. Also, congrats that you have so many wonderful memories created!

  2. This is an awesome idea! I'm going to check it out.

  3. How neat so see your blog in print. The quality looks great, with nice clear print and photos. What a good idea to keep it as your "life" journal.

  4. What a neat idea. I think I'd rather spend my money on charts though!!! Glad that you like it though. If I had extra extra money, I'd get one too!!!

  5. Dearest Jennifer,

    Thanks for sharing this; it makes for considering this. You can choose your own posts I read, so even by subject you could do this. Great for showing this to us!

    Lots of love,


  6. This IS a cool idea - I knew something like this had to be out there, but have just never taken the time to look into it further - and now I have a starting place! Thanks!

  7. I have seen this concept before, although through I think I will have to check out where you get yours done. I have been wanting to publish my blog(s), mainly for my mom.

  8. What a lovely idea. Great way to keep your memories.

  9. I love this idea and will have to look into having this done.

    Abbie, as always, is a sweetie!

  10. What a wonderful idea! Your books must give you endless hours of enjoyment and reflection...
    When you talk about Ren, I always think of my beagle, Juliet. The best little beagle with a spotted ear, who we only enjoyed for 1 1/2 years...But what wonderful memories along with tremendous sadness at the same time...she left us too soon.
    Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog...


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