Saturday, July 9, 2011

My New/Old Armoire finally found it's resting place and free pattern

Because I have certainly tried my best to follow these words and because my vintage armoire found it's place to bloom today, I wanted to show you a few pics and a little freebie I designed by inspiration from it.

My camera will work ONLY if I tape the hinge in place AND hold tightly with my left thumb while I snap a quick picture. I thought the tape would do it by itself but I'm afraid I will be getting a new camera. I can't make this hinge stay in place long unless I want carpel tunnel of the left side. :o

Here is my inspiration after it was planted today in one of the bedrooms. Of course this vintage
armoire is very special to me as my friend, Dot, who moved recently, downsized---  and she left this for me. I will treasure it forevah!

Cleaned up well!

can you tell I"m having a little trouble taking pictures with this bummed camera? 

This quilt is one I got at a great quilt store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and right now I can't remember the name of the store but it has beautiful cotton batted quilts. As I love Dutch decor, I grabbed one quickly and have never tired of seeing it since.

The old bench got re-planted here.

These were stitched by me in 1983.....that kinda rhymed.  ;)

Four of the many Colonial Williamsburge houses.
What's scarey is I found the pattern as I was cleaning out other rooms this week.

Do you save patterns for 30 years??????

So, the special armoire is planted today.

I don't think there is one thing bought brand-new in this room, except the quilt.
I just thought of that.
Very random I know....but it is about 1am right now.

I think we are pretty much planted here too.  We've been planted here for almost 10 years now!



designed by Feathers in the Nest
@copyright 2011

colors suggested are:

GA--Strawbonnet (lightest color)

linen of choice and count

I plan to stitch this one up with the above colors and put in a basket in this room as a pillowkeep to remember my friend and how her life I would have missed, if I was not planted here almost 10 years ago.
Thank you, God for putting her in my life at just the right time,


  1. Dearest Jennifer,

    That makes for a complete and beautiful room! The one photo showed a kind of a 'Rembrandt style' room... like a beautiful painting. Yeah, I noticed your liking for Dutch style, also in your kitchen on the tiles. Do you have a genetic connection or is it just the love of it?
    Oh, I have saved patterns for such a length of time too. The 19th century Danish pattern for cross stitch roses is one I kept that long
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

    Lots of love,


  2. What a lovely post Jennifer. Love it how the armoire looks in your room. And what a great memory it holds as well.
    It's such a beautiful room.

  3. I love all of your room, especially the tulip quilt, I have one that is close to yours. It is butterlies, my Grandmother stitched it quite a few years ago.

  4. The Armoire is beautiful Jennifer, what a nice remembrance of Dot.
    I LOVE the bed frame!
    The quilt is gorgeous also.
    What a great room you have.
    Thanks for the fun freebie also.
    And, a pat-pat for Abbie, of course. I can't wait to see her new outfit. :)

  5. Do I save patterns for 30 years? No, but only because I've not been stitching that long!
    I've got every pattern I've ever stitched in a bag. It's come in very useful since I got an online photo album because I can put the exact name of the design and designer.
    I may start giving some away now I finally know some people who will appreciate them!
    Talking of appreciation - thanks for the freebie!

  6. I love how the armoire looks in your room. I especially love the tulip quilt. Everything together makes this room extra special. Thank-you for taking the time to share. I also love the freebie design...but then again I love all your patterns...and am anxious to stitch this one. I have a couple samplers I am finishing but it will be soon....if I do not start a tulip quilt that is ...winks....Take care my friend and give Abbie a pat....

  7. Oh Jennifer, What a true treasure your friend left for you!! It is a beautiful piece of furniture...It looks like it was just made for this room.....

    I, too, save my patterns forever! I recently packed up my craftroom (work in progres....) and found all of my oldy patterns....Too funny what we had to chose from in the late 70's and early 80's...

    Thanks for the free pattern...It is the absolute perfect phrase! I hope to stitch it (I still have a couple of your other beautiful designs in my to-do pile...) Soon as I get past a couple more of my WIP's that I am into right now, I would like to stitch up a few smalls....

    Try to stay cool....Its as hot here in the Carolinas as you are down in Georgia....Keep up the great work!

    Always, Faye

  8. Your armoire and the whole room looks wonderful. I love your free pattern. It is one of my favorite little sayings along with "Brighten the corner where you are."

  9. Okay...that's it...I'm packing my bags tomorrow and coming for some R&R!!! The room you have created is wonderful!!

    Thanks for yet another amazing pattern to stitch!

  10. Okay...that's it...I'm packing my bags tomorrow and coming for some R&R!!! The room you have created is wonderful!!

    Thanks for yet another amazing pattern to stitch!

  11. Hi Jennifer,
    Just wanted to drop by and say how wonderful the armoire is with your room! It adds such a rich look, along with the gorgeous quilt, bench, and all the rest...perfect!!Not only does it look great, but is extra special in that it will be a continual reminder of a valued person and relationship...a real gift!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures, even with a broken camera!


  12. Wow, you have so many things to show off in that room!!! My mom is something of a minimalist, and my sister is even worse, so they don't like my house cause I have so many knick knacky things around, lol. Thanks for the chart. It's a great sentiment!!! I love the armoir. It's beautiful!! The oldest pattern I have is from when my son was very small, so that would have been around 1993. I lost so many things in the move out of my old house when I was evicted. I got a lot of money from my ex landlord (he didn't cash the rent mos I sent him, evicted me, then tried to cash them. So I sued him.) I had no clue it was coming, and so had no place to put things. Some things just fell by the wayside (none of my projects were lost, as those were packed up very carefully by me, but some older charts were put away in an old box, and I never found it again) so that's now the oldest one that I have. I would have kept my old charts though. I have things that were my mom's and are now mine. They've been saved for more than forty years, lol.

  13. Love your armoire! It's so pretty and what a perfect spot. Thanks for the freebie. I can't wait to stitch it up.


  14. An absolutely lovely room you showed Jennifer. I recently found your blog and it has become one of my favorites. The armoire is absolutely beautiful. The quilt is so pretty as well.

    Thank you so much for the lovely freebie too. I will be stitching it for sure.

    Wendy Jo


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