Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remembering Ren

Exactly 1 year ago, my little Ren, who was 17 years old when he passed away on July 7th, 2010, still carries a place in my heart and will always. Abbie knew Ren 7 months and I wonder how much puppies remember? I know that's silly but for newcomers who didn't know him, just want to tell you he was a unique and special dog for our family.
For the past couple of years prior to his death, he was totally blind and partially deaf. He still knew our touch and love, and ate food with passion! He had many good caregivers and friends at the local vet office and they actually made a generous donation to the University of Georgia, School of Medicine in his honor.

I try to remember the good times and the fun laughter he brought to us.

he liked to nap in various ways.

even without vision and very little hearing by the end, he was always finding me, especially when the oven came home for dinner! ;)

And I loved him since he was 8 weeks old.

Ren was a special rose in my life. It's amazing how our furbabies give us unconditional love, such a rare find in life, otherwise.

'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all
~~Alfred Lord Tennyson


  1. Ren was such a sweetie and very well loved and taken care of. You have to cherish how unconditionally our animals can love us!

  2. Thank You for sharing. I am not sure if we ever get over the pets that we lose.


  3. What a beautiful tribute to Ren!!! Yes our fur babies do hold a special place in our hearts. My bunny died in April and I am still mourning for him. I miss him each and every day. One day I hope to hold him again....

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Ren..Yes are fur babies hold a special place in our hearts. Our bunny died in April and I still miss him each and every day. I hope one day to get to hold him again....

  5. I had just "found" blogs, including yours, when you lost Ren. I cannot believe a year has passed. I know he was a special, special pet that you will always remember. Even though it's so sad he's not here now, I'm sure you cherish the many years of pleasure and love you had with him. All pet lovers/owners share in your feelings. He was "one of a kind"!

  6. I understand your heart of love
    for your furbabies. I feel the
    same way, as you know.
    Hoping your memories are sweet
    as each day causes the pain to

  7. Now I'm bawling again. I remember posts of Ren and how sad I was. My sweet's one year was this past March and I still catch myself thinking she is beside me.

  8. He was a special little soul.

  9. Awwww. What a precious baby. You're right, our fur-babies truly bring us so much unconditional love. I think often of my precious Tammy Lou who died last October. Just thinking of her can bring tears to my eyes...she will always hold a special place in my heart.

    I'm praying for you on this day of remembrance. I like to think that Ren and Tammy Lou are in heaven right now playing and frolicking through the grass. :)

    Blessings - Julie

  10. What a beautiful post! I think of my lost kitties everyday. What a gift it is that they come into our lives. My heart is with you on this sad day.

  11. Our sweet pets hold such a place in our hearts. I wonder if it is because they don't hurt us or mistreat us the way people sometimes do. Pets can be a lot of trouble, but so very worth it!

  12. Such a sweet face he has. I'm so sorry for you loss, but I'm glad you can look back on the good times now!!

  13. Awww...Ren. He was such a sweetie. What a beautiful tribute to him.

  14. Much love to you all on remembering a very sweet Ren! He was such a doll.

    Many Hugs coming your way!

  15. I can't believe a year has passed..., adore the tribute you're giving to him. Ren was a precious soul to you, he lived a long life, it only means he was loved and gave lots of love. You got a Special Angel in Heaven, he's watching over you...
    Big hugs

  16. Such a sweet story, thanks for sharing...

  17. Such a wonderful tribute to Ren. He surely captured all of our hearts! I love my furbabies, and I know that they hold a very special place in our hearts~always.

    He was a very lucky little guy to have you as his mama, and so is little Ms Priss "Abbie"! She is such a cutie too.

  18. What a nice tribute to Ren, and great pics of you and him.
    He lived a long life where he was truly loved, that's for sure.


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