Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The furbabies at the homestead today

Yep, went grocery shopping after my appt today and saw this at Walmart, a green, smocked dress with a flower. It's terry cloth. Cute, cute!

Just cleaned the porch from all the pollen and now she is sporting a pollen colored dress....ROFLOL.

She actually loves this one and has been lying in the wicker chaise outside since then. Will I ever get her out?
Maybe with a treat.

She's already yawning. That's kinda what this chair on the porch does to whoever sits in it.  ;)

Got pretty hot here today, about 88-90 this afternoon.
I think Summer is here.

Thomas also truly loves me as he presented me with a live HUGE RAT on the porch as I was walking in with groceries. I thought it was a squirrel at first!  He's doing his job!!!
And why they think their "humans" love to see these things is beyond me.

He ran off into the woods with this thing after that and I don't even want to know what he did with it......GROSS!


  1. That is so darling.. My little Misty girl gets excited to wear sweaters and stuff cuz she thinks she is going outside when she does.. Gotta love them.. Thanks for sharing. Tina

  2. Too funny! Love that yawn...kinda looks like a half scream/laugh! Talk about roflol, I think it s/b loclol....Smiles....

  3. Your furbabie is adorable. Is she a Papillon? She looks adorable.

  4. Abby is soo adorable in her new dress! Kudos to you!!

    I still remember when my mom and I saw one of her cats bring a dead bird, headless, to the door and then proceeded to toss it into the air trying to make it fly again! Cats and their gifts!! LOL

  5. Abigail has got to be the cutest little furbaby on the planet! That dress is just so cute...it looks like it was made just for her. :)

    Blessings always :)

  6. Oh Abbie, I love your new dress, it's too cute.
    You just stay as cute as you are.
    Marilyn :)

  7. Abbie, You are just way to precious for words!

  8. Too cute! And - yuck about the rat!

  9. Too cute! Don't think you are going to entice her from that chair!

  10. She is sew cute! Do you buy baby clothes for her?

  11. OMW, that gal is too cute! I just adore her sun dress :)

    Hugs and kisses to you both, Peaches.


  12. That dress is sooooo cute but the rat..thats gross lol. One extreme to the other.

  13. Love Abbie's dress. She looks so cute!! As for the rat ~~~ Yuck!!! Pat

  14. Your sweet little "furball" is just way too cute in her new little dress!


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