Thursday, April 7, 2011

Part 2 Colonial Williamsburg

The next section of art on our tour was ceramics, tiles, especially this wall of Delft which made both our hearts sing. We love Deflt of any kind (especially me) and so here are a few pics to follow:

Look at these old flower frogs/scissor frogs. Wonder if they used them for that in the day too?

this is so beautiful and breath-taking!

Love this phrase!

a cup of tea?

a beautiful pin cushion for embroidery work.

These are still snapshots in the Dewitt-Wallace Art Museum. If you've been there before, you know the beauty of the preservation of history and art. Just cannot really be expressed fully but I definitely would take a visit there. You could spend at least 4-5 days with so much to see and do. We only had the day but it was filled with good treats.
More pics in part 3. I was so thankful for permission from the museum to share pics!!!

We did enjoy a nice lunch with some Earl Grey hot tea and lemon in between our adventures.

till later,


  1. Gorgeous delft! My parents are Dutch so I have lots of it and love it all. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. thx for sharing (prev post, too)

    I enjoyed Williamsburg this a.m. w/my cup of tea

  3. Fabulous!!! the frogs were used for putting flowers in I think, I should know because I am Dutch LOL. The collection is breathtaking, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you!! We enjoyed this trip so much. Just wish we had more time to stay. From our house, it's about ? 6 hours I think. We will have to go back and visit again. But, oh my lands, could you ever sink some money in their shops.....
    and there is a Premium outlet stores there too. I didn't even go in Ann Taylor. That's how tired I was...LOL

    Bertie, I married into the Dutch family and I love it. Funny, even before we met, I loved Dutch things.


  5. Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved Dutch things. Delft has always been a favorite of mine, blue and white especially, so this post really made my heart smile :). I loved the tea and the teapots and your posts about Williamsburg. Thanks for taking the time to share.


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