Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Gold Nugget of our trip: Williamsburg, VA~~ Part 1

Bodyguard and I had a short visit through Williamsburg, VA and thoroughly enjoyed our tours and visit through the DeWitt-Wallace Decorative Art Museum. We also ventured through some shops there as well.  Our eyes did feast on alot of eye candy.

 I wrote for permission to share these pics with you, and Mrs. Mary Cottrill, the Manager of Hennage Auditorium/The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg kindly gave written consent to share.

I bought a book in the museum store which is on Colonial Homes in Williamsburg and is very thorough with more pictures of the beautiful scenary and houses, colors, flowers, rooms, etc than I could ever capture in limited 8 hour trip. I'm glad that my hubbie planned and focused our trip on the Dewitt-Wallace art museum as I love anything art-related and he was right on target preparing for our visit. I had never been there before.

This is a long post of eye candy. I took about 160 pictures and will share some of them in a couple of parts. Click on the pics and you can read more and see more of the displays.

Part one~~~~
the basement floor--The Public Hospital

the mental patient's "living quarters room" --there were voices sounding like a patient conversing with a doctor and others, begging and pleading to be released. Quite distressing but very interesting as I do have a career in the medical field and to see how far technology and care has advanced is very relieving. The photos above were the doc's quarters.

a great timeline/snapshot here of what the hospital looked like in 1875.

Now turned into a wonderful museum of art.

an old "pill roller"

  This is part of the electrical machine they used for mental patients.
Thank goodness we have better therapies now.

and thank goodness our stethoscopes are a bit more advanced ;)
isn't that wild?

I think this would make a great sampler verse.

Up the stairs to displays, Body Guard did a happy dance when he saw these.

early guns--he had me take alot of pics but will share a few.

The conservation of all the pieces is awesome! There is a whole area which discussed conservatory issues and had some items and how they disintegrated by certain elements. Very interesting.

This area of the museum is relatively new on the dressing and grooming of men and women of older periods.
We watched a video of a man dressing with all his essential gear and a woman with hers.

 beautiful purses

and of course, some gentlemen things, breechies

of course I loved the purses the most!

and the shoes, stockings and such.

and these are HUGE!  Nevermind umbrellas! ;)

and join me again tomorrow for part 2 of more pics and ventures.


  1. How amazing! What a wonderful museum and so insightful. I enjoyed the pictures so much and the poem by the patient just really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to the next pictures.

    God bless you - Julie

  2. Thank you for your comment. Wait until you see the china's really cool too. Then I'll show you what I just had to have from the museum shop on the way out......Eeek!

  3. Lovely shots of the museum :)... really like the costumes and the purses too :) My DH would have been with the Bodyguard ooooo what did you buy???? love mouse xxxx

  4. What a fabulous post and to be able to take pictures in the museum is wonderful. Love the antique needlework, my dh would love the bg stuff too:)) so we will be off to Williamsburg lol.

  5. Thank you for this pleasant walk through the museum. I love the scissors pictured of the head of your blog.

  6. I love this post. Thank-you so much for sharing the pics with us, it made everything come alive.

  7. I really enjoyed seeing these photos, my favorites are the purses ones, the last it´s really funny :D. Thank you for sharing, I loved this post!


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