Monday, April 4, 2011

Working on Pink Hill Manor in between minutes of traveling

Well, we have now scooted over to another spot on the Earth yesterday but before I left the city, I spent another hour in In Stitches needlework shop again as it WAS on the way and I NEEDED some threads for the patterns Tanya got me. I love the colors and it was like a kid in a crayon box looking at all the colors on the wall. While there, I went ahead and pulled some colors for some of my own patterns I designed and it was just a load of fun. It was quite crowded in there.

When I get back home Pink Hill Manor will be rested aside for me to do the Royal Wedding Sampler by The Sampler Girl. Got the threads for it yesterday! I think it will be such a pretty piece to have stitched and on the ready for the wedding which will air, I believe, in the US at 6am that morning.

My spread on the bed this morning before we jump in the car again.

picked up this yesterday too.

Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Design

stitching on Irish Cream 32 ct R & R linen

stitching in hand so far

overdyed threads, many colors, muted pinks, browns, greens.

stitching this one individually for the "pink" area in our house!

I'm in love with Jakey Brown by CC.

Late yesterday we had a late lunch so by the time we got here, we saw a Cracker Barrel and ate for the 3rd time (ok by me!) last night. I got the Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was DELISH!  (Tanya, I dunked a chicken finger in honey mustard sauce for  ya LOL)

I then came to the hotel and unrolled my yoga mat and after 30 minutes of yoga my bones felt better from the ride.

I didn't work on stitching at all last night but fell in the nearest hotel bed from exhaustion. I woke up at 9am with breakfast on the ready here!  Nice! Woke up to the news to catch up and saw where a panel blew off another plane........thanking God we drove this trip. Too many plane issues for me to travel that way anymore.

BodyGuard and I miss Abbie so much......unreal so much. We called again and she is sorting out her dog food in colors and tempermental. She will probably pout a little by the time we get back.......but with the right dog treats and love she will be fine (hopefully). We've never left her this long. BUT, I found out there is a doggie store here somewhere so she WILL get a Tshirt!!

Well, severe storm warnings here late tonight and tomorrow with tornadoes, hail. Will be hunkering down here tomorrow with my stitching. I was thinking about all the folks all across the US being affected today and tomorrow. STAY SAFE!

Stitching through the Storm will be tomorrow's posting.

Until then,



  1. Love the Pink Hill Manor...will be beautiful when finished!

  2. Lovely goodies Jennifer! Have asafe journey on your way home!

  3. Oooh, great stash, Jennifer! I wish I could have stopped at In Stitches over the weekend but our trip was just too quick. We had the thunderstorms last night, too - hope tonight is calmer!

    Be safe and have fun!~

  4. So nice that you are enjoying your travels. I love that needle minder, have never seen that one before!

  5. What a beautiful start you have on Pink Hill Manor!

    I'm a real fan of driving rather than flying. You get such a feeling of connectedness, like you really have been somewhere.

  6. Happy and safe travels to you and BG. I'm sure Ms Abbie can be "bought" with the right amount of treats and lovies. So glad you are able to get away for a while and see some sights.

    Love your blog. Take care,

  7. Pink Hill is looking good Jennifer, nice fabric color for it.
    Have fun on your travels and a safe trip home.

  8. Pink Hill is so pretty!! Love the linen :) Hope the sun is shining for you today and that it didn't rain too much in Williamsburg for your visit there.

    ps...thanx for having that honey mustard!


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