Monday, March 7, 2011

Rachel's Challenge

Tonight we randomly saw a program on TV about Rachel's Challenge and I think it's very moving and so positive. We need to all think about it.  She was the first Columbine high school victim. The program was about 1 hour and her father and others were interviewed. Seems Rachel died at 17. There were lots of things her father didn't know until he was searching in her 6 journals she kept as any parent would when their child has died.

Check out her site here as her legacy lives on and this week take the challenge. The Chain Reaction that Rachel always talked about. In her diaries she stated that she felt she would die before the age of 20 but that she would touch millions of people. On the day of the shooting, in her bookbag was this paper.

13 tears from her on a rose. There were 13 killed that day.

Since 1999, her life has changed many. Her legacy lives on and on and she knew what her destiny was.

Her father has taken up on this and he said he would not hate the killers. This would please them. He wants to make something positive from it and the Rachel's Challenge is spreading across all schools now and very effective. This program was the best thing for the weekend. Of course, we all knew about the 1999 Columbine shootings, but we weren't aware of the premonitions in her 6 diaries, her desire to help others because she knew her time was limited on this Earth.

Won't you take the challenge?

click here to read about it if you make the time. I promise it's worth it and the world will be a better place.
Her dad is so strong. She was a witness more than any of us could be in just 17 short years.

I hope your week goes well and you share just a little kindness this week. You never know how it will effect others.



  1. Oh, thank you so SO MUCH for sharing this!!

    I have now forwarded the link and the Rachel's Challenge link to my friends.


  2. This is great Jennifer.

    I wish I would have known about it when two of my children were having issues with bullies.

    I have read the book Rachel's tears and it is one book that I highly recommend.

  3. The world would be a much better place with more Kindness & Compassion. I will take the challange.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. This is a very moving post Jennifer. I'm following up on getting her book as soon as the freezing rain stops and we can navigate outside again. Her dad sounds like an inspiration as well-to lose a daughter like that so young-and to continue on without bitterness in his heart.

  5. Jennifer: thank-you for posting this link, I hope everyone takes the challenge, my husband had the pleasure of speaking at a conference with one of the servivers of Columbine here in Minn. a couple of years ago, my husband is in law enforcement and speaks on the need to keep God in our lives, about 500+ young people showed up from all over the state to hear this event.
    Thank-you for putting the challenge on your blog, I hope everyone reads this importment message from you.
    Peace to you

  6. Thanks to all! I hope more read this too. I was just so impressed with this movement in honor of her memory and how effective it has been in schools. What a life! I'm so sorry she had to die so young but her father is making her legacy stand out just like she wanted it to to help others just one chain at a time.


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