Thursday, March 10, 2011

I heart my space and creating a peaceful place

There are days when I'm reminded that it's most important to me to keep those things that either bring peace, comfort, or functional. I'm not always the most practical part, as my other half is, but trying to get better as the years roll on.

Life is too short not to enjoy, what you enjoy.

I find in my journey that I have finely teased out many things that do not bring joy or really not functional lately. It's freeing. It's balance to the busy days. It's embracing serendipity.

One thing I love is the color pink so in my creative space I have alot of it.
  I love my studio/guestroom/yoga/meditation room as well. It used to be my daughter's room. She loved art and did well with it in school and therefore there are many of her drawings around the house that I would never part with, well, of course, for her, if she wanted them but she has not expressed an interest in them which is quite sad as she is very talented. So for now they are housed here with some of my favorite things.

I thought I would share a few pics around the room tonight. It makes a very good place to stitch in the mornings as the sun shines really bright through both long windows. At night I stitch better downstairs by the sunshine then!

Of course tonight it's pretty doggone dark out in the country. ;)

Over my favorite, most comfortable chair that I've had for years, I have a new pic I found last week at The Martin House near Helen, Ga., not far from where we live.

I knew it would be an inspiring piece for this room.

I don't knit (took one class LOL) but one day I will pick it up again. I know this for sure as I did enjoy the class I took. Anyways, I put this pic over the chair and really like it here.

Time to get the bunny pillow out again. It pretty much stays out except for Christmas. Found this last year at a thrift store for a goooooo deal.

I love bunnies too!

This one has been in my daughter's room since I became pregnant with her and knew she was a girl!

This one too. And I have several more I'll post closer to Easter but just a few in here, actually several more that I won't part with.

I'm so ready for Spring.

The tin tart warmer is THE best thing EVAH! I have 3 of them. This room I usually put the tarts from the primitive store local that is called "clean cotton" It smells like fresh laundry and line-dried sheets!

And here are my new stash boxes and I have the bottom full of linen cuts already.

The left side of the room is mainly my studio stuff.

This is where my Kay frame stays and now it's loaded with a design for DV awareness that I need to be finishing up when I'm in a purple mood as it is full of purple colors! On the desk I weeded out everything except what is functional or special. I have my son's dress military pic with a star light beside it and essentials for stitching ( in this room HA!) ;)
I have many of The Sampler Girl's samplers in this room.

Here's my patched heart pillow I made and put my scissors I got from a special trip. I made this pillow on a special day when my heart broke, literally, so I put to good use a torn comforter that was in the donate pile and cut the velvet into squares and there were several heart squares.

Then I backed it with some cotton fabric and put a patch of Raspberry Jobelan I had a scrap of, on the front and put my scissors in it for my stitching chair. I will never forget the day I sat in the floor, crying, making this and it will stay with me as long as I am alive. Not because of the pain, but because it reminds me that after the pain, I can and will patch my heart and something good will come of it. 

There is a much bigger purpose for our house one day and I just know it.

Nite-nite.  May your night be full of rest~~~ surround yourself with those special things and things that make your heart sing. Ditch all the others. ;)



  1. Love everything about the room but especially fond of the sweet picture above your chair, the set of 3 stacking boxes and the precious pillow with the heart that you made. Thanks so much for inviting us into your special room!

  2. Your stitching room is beautiful. Thank you for showing us around.

  3. Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing!

  4. Your room is very cosy and special, and your decorations on the wall and throughout the room are so beautiful! I would feel very comfortable and peaceful there, too! :o)


  5. I enjoyed looking at your pictures, your room looks wonderful and the boxes are fabulous!! Thanks for inviting us:))

  6. I just love this room! And the lighting makes it feel so cozy as well. I especially love your new picture above your chair! What a wonderful corner. I would never want to leave a space like this.

  7. I just love your room, it is calming to look at.I love the pic over your chair.Give Abbey a hug.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us in such a personal way. It makes me feel like I know you very well, and for that I am blessed.

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room. I am on my fifth TSG finish - two of which I have given away and I am thinking also of a TSG wall! I love her designs and have many more to stitch up. x

  10. What a beautifull room, full of many memories. I am in the process of cleaning up/out my youngest daughters room, unfortunately it has become a messy storage room.
    It now holds the remnants of my dear aunts remaing fabric stash and some of my mothers as well as some of mine. I have stored so much it is now overwhelming.
    Your room gives me the inspiration to get moving and make it the beauty I know it can be.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your room looks serene. What a great place to use for creative inspiration.

  12. Very pretty!!!! It's such a comfy, sweet room. Thanks for sharing :-).

  13. Stunning. You have a great talent for putting the right things together. Lovely and cozy. TFS<


  14. Thanks for sharing....very warm and meaningful.

  15. I love all this beautiful pics.

  16. Beautiful-thanks for sharing your room -your feelings and your heart.

  17. Jennifer,
    I love when you share your homestead! Everything looks so comfy and cozy and I love that wooden sign!

  18. What a lovely place to be creative, and the story behind the pillow brought me to tears. I stitched a small piece this past weekend, and I will keep it forever because my tears kept dropping on the work....but I had to keep stitching. It was a small chick meant for a friend, but I have to keep it because I know if will forever remind me of my Grandmother, and the aching that is in my heart.

  19. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for sharing with us! Your room is so peaceful and beautiful. You are very talented!

  20. What caught my eye was the white candy dish you have all your scissors in! I have that candy dish and now I'm pulling it out of the cupboard and using it for my scissors, too! That was SO clever!!

    Your room is beautiful and so many things touched my heart...thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

    God bless you - Julie

  21. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your special place.It is very warm and inviting.Reminds of easier days and just a beautiful place to sit awhile. Hugs and stitches. Terry N

  22. I just love how you decorate your house. It's beautiful, Jennifer.


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