Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Freedom Sampler ~~ in honor of American soldiers

The Freedom Sampler

Copyright 2011
Feathers in the Nest

dedicated to all families of military members in our country

When reading the morning news and watching the evening news, I can't help but be reminded that Freedom in our country is a true blessing. This morning I designed this sampler to share with you and hope that it's a piece of Americana that graces your home, not just on holidays, but every day.

You can share your stitched piece with a special person in the armed forces that is working hard to keep our freedom, send to a special soldier,  keep to remember family members who have served in war present or past, or simply add to any Americana decor. 

You may substitute the military member's initials beside the star. Just click on the design and you should be able to print your pattern.

Best colors to use are:

darker blue,  GA (Gentle Art)  Freedom

medium blue, GA Liberty

dark red shade, GA Lancaster Red

I love stitching with these colors on Americana samplers!

 Vintage linen of your choice.

Share your finished piece with me and I will put on the blog, but most importantly share with the moms, dads, spouses in honor of our American soldiers who take risks and are on the ready for our freedom every day.
Being the mom of a soldier, I can tell you it's hard. Hard. Hard.

Till later,


  1. I keep my Americana decor out all year. It's not just for Independence Day. Our fellow country men and women do not (and did not) fight for our freedom only in July. :)

    Thank you for the pattern Jennifer! I love it and am going to save it to stitch sometime soon.

  2. Thanks Jennifer - I love this one!

  3. Jennifer, thank you so much for this pattern. I need it today. My son Nick just got back from Iraq this past Saturday and was told today that he is going back in June. This will be his 4th trip. I am having a rough time with this. Maybe stitching this will help.

  4. I love the pattern, thank you. My son is serving in the Air Force so I always have some red, white & blue things around.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  5. Nice - I'll stitch that and display it proudly! My oldest son served eight years in the US Navy - I understand your meaning completely!

    Thank you to you, your soldier and your whole family for your sacrifice.

    Mary in MN

  6. Thank you for the great pattern - as a veteran, it is nice to see that what we do/have done IS appreciated :)

  7. I am going to stitch this for my daughter, who is a soldier in the US Army, she is currently stationed in the personalization.

  8. Jennifer this is wonderful! My son-law in Marine with a tour in Iraq-and it sure is hard-hard-hard. Thank you for the service you have given as a parent of a soldier! I'm a troop greeter at Bangor Maine-where we greet going & coming home troops-90% of all soldiers going to & returning Iraq and Afghanistan pass thru our airport and are given a heroes welcome-day or night we have a calling tree waiting-we have greeted in the hundred thousands and will be there till the last soldier is home. Bless you for making this sampler for a soldier or soldiers family.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful pattern. It will be great to display everyday as a pillow. It's not clickable....can you help? I'd love to stitch it. Thank you.

  10. Love this one Jennifer but can't seem to get the link to work? Thank you for all the great freebies you are very talented.

  11. where can I find a copy of this pattern from 2011?


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