Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you believe in angels?

An Angel in Our Home

An angel is close to me
he protects me when I sleep
He protects me during the day
When I'm busy at work and play.

To catch a glimpse of an angel
is the most peaceful feeling for the heart;
it's like knowing someone is there
who will never leave me in part.

For some it's hard to believe
in angels that sit at our feet,
on nights alone at home,
or on a lonely walk down a street.

But I know this much is true,
sweet angels fill our home;
We all have a special one
To call our very own.

I hope you feel your angel
and the peace he brings to you
For all of us are not receptive
But we know this much  is true:

Angels are sent from Heaven
To protect us and  feel their love
Don't be afraid of their presence
Because they are there like doves

Flying in when we need them
Showing us their presence.
Sending messages of hope
And promises of Heaven.

by Jennifer Dalenberg
inspired by an angel in our home, true story

Some call them ghosts, some call them angels. Some do not believe and some understand fully.
 Paranormal activity is definitely a conversation starter  or ender . ;)
I definitely believe in angels because I've had many times in life of proof when I know one is there. Most of the time there are particular places in our home when this occurs. On a couple of occasions I was not the only witness to it. And still don't know why those special spots in the home are the places.
I know that many feel this is hokey but in my heart I know it's true and sometimes when angels decide to give us a glimpse of them AND a feeling of a surreal peace while present, it's too hard not to believe in angels.

As you go through your day, I hope you can feel the presence of your special angel and feel the peace to the heart it brings.

Do you believe in angels?

Till later,


  1. I absolutely believe in angels... and that they are with us always... they are give charge over us to keep us close... ;)

  2. I absolutely believe in angels! The Lord tells us in the Bible that we each have an angel who keeps watch over us. How comforting! I have seen angels at work and know that without their intervention, something quite tragic would have occurred. Personally, my angel has given me much comfort at times during this recent bout of my back injury.

    The Lord is so good and not only has He given us the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus, but He gives us his angels to aid and protect us.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and your story.

    God bless you - Julie

  3. Absolutely! I've felt the presence of my Angel many times. It's truly a peaceful feeling! I know that my angel protects comforts and gives helps me too.

  4. I do believe. thank you for sharing your lovely poem.

  5. I also believe in angels, and I'm so glad you are aware of your heavenly visitors. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful poem and post, Jennifer, you are so talented...and "yes" I absolutely believe in angels and depend on them to watch over, comfort, and intervene on my behalf.
    Ma TK

  7. Oh there are definitely angels looking over us, I believe the Lord sends them to us for comfort.

  8. I would hate to think where I would be without my angels!

  9. Absolutely - God created them especially!


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