Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Progress

Like magic this morning when I awoke and peeped out the window, our land was coated with 2-3 inches snow. Pure. White. A Blessing of sight and a blessing I'm off so I  don't have to drive in it but just watch it from the window while I pick back up on this:  Land of Liberty by Bent Creek.

Got one of the birds finished. I had been stitching in hand last night for a bit and then before I went to bed decided to put in my standing frame to speed things up. I LOVE the blue bird!!!!!!
Ma TeaKettle was so kind to gift me with this!
She is so sweet.
Wished I lived closer so we could pop in for a cuppa and stitch together.

Here are a few pics Body Guard took this morning. He is doing better and we appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow the stent come out so we REALLY need prayer for pain relief tomorrow morning.
He's tough. He will be fine.

The sun is supposed to come out and temps in the 40's so most of this will melt but it will be in the freezing temp again tonight so may have a slippery ride in to work tomorrow.

Made some Cinnamon toast this morning and yes, I made a piece for Miss Abbie from the end of the loaf (not in the pic). She is a bit spoiled and I love her so.

Till later,



  1. You are making so much progress on this! It's going to be just lovely when it's done. Enjoy your snow and your stitching. Hope BG's procedure goes well.

  2. beautiful photos-we missed it over here on the coast! Love ur stitching--prayers to you and yours. Keep stitching, Rain

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  4. Looks like we got about the same amount of snow over here as you did. Ours has just about melted.
    Glad BG was up and about to take pictures. I will be thinking of him tomorrow.
    Love the stitching! Now, that cinnamon toast is just the thing...
    wish I had a piece with a cup of coffee.
    Many blessings....

  5. We had just about an inch in Flowery Branch - and I was leaving for work as the temps dropped, so I had ice :( But no issue getting to work, though I do wish I could have been home taking pictures :) I guess they stopped the buses for 20 minutes, then resumed and got all the kids to school... Great progress, that's a great snow-day project :)

  6. Beautiful pics! We had a dusting this morning and it was melted before lunchtime. :( You're making great progress on your WIP! The toast looks delicious. :9

  7. It's wonderful to hear someone actually enjoying the snow! Mostly on blogs you hear wishes for it to go away yesterday! (But I do understand how they feel!)

    Glad you're enjoying yourself and OH how I love cinnamon!

  8. That's such a lovely design, and you're making it look even better! Can't say that your snow looks all that appealing, though since it's YOURS, I guess it's not so bad!


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