Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet treats~~My first 2011 finish and more sweets

Last night when I got home, I was so tired. I was in the bed by 9pm; however, in the meantime, finished the front of the scissor fob from Jolene's giveaway and it's in a beautiful Weeks Aztec 30 ct red linen. 1 strand of thread called for. 

Passionflower Scissor Fob

design by Shepherd's Bush

gifted to me by gracious Jolene from Dip Diddley Designs with the matching Gingher scissors. I used them while stitching this and they are awesome!

the back of it stitched today.

Putting those aside to finish tomorrow when my eyes are better in the morning.

I also designed one this week and stitched a bit on it. Actually for a friend's birthday, Tanya Anderson, The Sampler Girl....Happy Birthday!  Here's a sneak -a- peek-a-boo~~

using Tylor Boy Blue by Crescent Colors
monochromatic sampler
Love this blue shading effect it's giving it on 32 ct Natural Belgian linen

It's also loaded in the big frame.

And so are others. I flit from one to the other........I love doing that.

In the meantime, I had a craving for comfort cookies and found this in the pantry that I didn't make for Christmas. I opted to make the ginger snaps instead of the ginger bread men. 
Anyway, they turned out really, really good!

just takes
1 egg
1 tbsp of water
1 package of basic mix
1 stick of softened butter
and one ounce of love

It was fun just getting my hands in there and making those rounded balls---great stress relief!

pressing with a fork and a little sugar.

then pop into the oven and the house really smelled so yummy!

and they were soft and chewy and oh so gingery. Valentine's is coming up and this will, I promise, melt your sweetie's heart.

Here's the first round. And, it made 3 dozen in all. I think we ate 2 dozen already with hot tea this afternoon. Here's to a light sprinkling of snow.

And speaking of SWEET!
I was gifted on Thursday with this RAK in the mail. Very sweet Catherine sent me this Delft pattern booklet and floss, AND buttons of which I love all!!!!!

She sent me a note that the pattern would be coming but I never expected all the buttons, pins and floss as well!!  Thank you so much Catherine!

 You are sweet as a cupcake.

Lovely buttons in many colors!

I love Delft.

Here's hoping your weekend is going well too.


  1. What fun to get a RAK in the mail! Love the red fabric for your project.

  2. Love the Aztec red! Love Tanya's giftie! Love those cookies!

  3. What wonderful stuff from Catherine! She's a sweetie! Love the way the stitching on the scissor fob turned out!!! Glad you were able to relieve a little stress today!

  4. Oh I absolutely love Delft! I've never seen any patterns with this design.

    Your stitching is beautiful on the red linen...and what a sweet thing to do for Tanya!

    I am drooling all over my laptop because I now crave cookies! I can almost taste them, they look so good.

  5. What a wonderful finish - and a lovely packet to receive in the mail!

  6. Jennifer, I about hit my face heading towards that picture of the cookies. LOL yummmmmmmmm!

    Congrads on your finish :)

    I'm starting that birthday chart tomorrow - love it!!!


  7. The birthday design is going to be lovely. That blue thread is gorgeous! and you've made me hungry - hope my grocery still has the cookie mix, lol.

  8. Tanya, I'm getting a visual with you in that profle pic getting closer and closer to those cookies and bumping your head...LOL LOL

  9. And Target has them too......just saying......LOL

  10. Your SB scissor fob is beautiful.
    I love the red fabbie.
    I have to bake up some gingerbread now. lol
    Your birthday design looks yummy too.
    Aren't stitching friends great? Cath sent you some great goodies.

  11. I love your finish! The colors are fabulous. Especially since i love red. :)
    The RAK is wonderful. Enjoy!

  12. Love that red fabric - your fob is going to be beautiful!

    And those cookies - yum!!

    Enjoy your goodies - I am so happy you liked them. I do need to practice my penmanship though!

    I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday.

  13. That is my DH's favorite cookie mix and it's only available at the holidays. I always buy a few so I can make him gingersnaps thru out the year. I roll my little dough balls in raw sugar for a crunchy outside and a soft center just like my dh.

  14. Your stitching is looking good Jennifer! I am dying "drooling" on the keyboard for one of those cookies, yumm! Hope things are looking UP for you. Take care....


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