Thursday, January 20, 2011

Abbie and me by the fireside tonight

Bodyguard said "this is picture worthy" while I was sneaking a peak at the news on TV so he got the camera going and here it is

Abbie and me January 2011

by the fireside at the homestead

in 2 quilts

playing around

comfy and cozy

safe and warm

on the sofa in front of the fire,

giving my eye a break from designing and stitching.

Eating Wendy's Chili for supper and OH , so good!

Waiting..... on the snow we are predicted to get tonight.

Even a 1/2 inch gets me excited!!!!!

And lining up my snow boots by the door

for a foot trek up the road to the car for the early morning rush to work.

Ready to stitch watching Nancy Grace and Grey's Anatomy,

and then hopefully will have something stitchy news to show you soon!

Hope you are cozy and warm in your nest tonight too.

up and down my back she walks.

she looks sweet here, but let me tell you this........she popped open a Koolaid tub in the pantry today and licked it up, the sweetner and all the red dye, and she was extremely hyper for most of the day. Yep, I think she thought she had a treasure and decided it was bitter in the concentrated form. LOL

she's giving me some keesies.

Kissie. Kissie. Miss Abbie and me.


  1. Nothing better than some puppy love and a comfy place to relax. Enjoy. As for the snow - I'm over it but we've a lot of winter left to get through here in Maine. Snow is definitely nothing exciting for me.

  2. That is a sweet picture of the two of you. I'm glad Abbie didn't get the red dye in her hair. Several years ago I remember teenage girls were using Kool-aid to dye their hair funky colors.

  3. What sweet pictures! We are supposed to be getting snow tonite too - the boys are hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

  4. What sweet pictures! We are supposed to be getting snow tonite too - the boys are hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

  5. Miss Abigail: You love mommy so much, you are so sweet.
    Donot forget to give daddy kisses too.

  6. Great pic of you both. She is just like my little mini daschund. In the morning she will wake me up by pawing at my hair and climbing on me.

  7. Gotta love that picture! And little Princess Abbie is so cute! Who needs to go to the Chiropractor when you've got a little Chi to pop your back into place? :)

    Have a wonderful, warm and safe weekend. Take care of your eyes!

  8. Too Cute !!!Abbie runs the place doesn't she - lol

  9. Cute pic of you and Abbie.
    The last pic looks like she is giving you a massage. lol
    Enjoy your snow, and stay warm.
    Pat-pat for Abbie too.

  10. It's lovely seeing you smile. What a sweet picture. Blessings

  11. Very precious pictures. Thank
    your kind hubby for sharing
    them. I love Abbie. Only 20
    more days until I bring baby
    Toby home. Can't wait to hold
    my puppy in my arms. I'll be
    posting lots of pictures.
    Have a lovely weekend, snow
    or not. We didn't get ours,
    only strong winds. I hope to
    also be sitting by the fire
    and doing some stitching this

  12. That first one is an adorable photo of you and Abby. Stay warm!

  13. LOL....Miss Abigail is a cutie. Beautiful pictures of you and her

  14. What a cute picture! This time of year our two pups insist on sitting on us or right next to us. They are a bit bigger than Abbie. They're such a big part of our family.


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