Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Abbie got a little wild today

I got you, babe.

I- GOT-YOU,-------Babe.

Abbie gave us a scare today eating chocolate out of the pantry (long story and long day), but now that she is feeling better, she wanted you to know that she likes being groovy. She likes it so much, she is jamming to the 60's.

Hope your's mid week goes well. Don't forget to have fun somewhere in the midst of the craziness.


  1. Oh Abbie my darlin' you are a riot! But..Auntie P is warning you not to eat that Chocolate. It can make your little heart beat too fast and make you sick sick sick.

    Momma needs to get you some special doggie chocolate for Christmas...huh!

    Thanks for the smile. I needed it.

  2. So glad Abbie is feeling better, but how about her mama?

  3. I'm feeling about the same. On antiinflammatories and trying to keep my mouth shut which is hard. Gotta get some films of my TMJ joint. Most likely caued by arthritis as I have it already she said. Wel'll see.

  4. I'm glad to hear that Abbie is okay. Hope you are feeling better as well.

    Love the look Abbie is sporting!

  5. Cute Abbie- I hope you feel better soon Jennifer :)

  6. Oh Abbie, you silly wild thing! She looks pretty in pink!

  7. Ahh, she's got her pink wig on for breast cancer awareness. How sweet of her to join in!

    That chocolate thing...it's really not good for any of us, but...

    Glad she's feeling better.

    Smiles - Denise

  8. Abby this is what happens when you eat too much chocolate you get a little wild, you little minx you.

  9. Oh, Abbie, pink is definitely your color!
    I hope you and your Mom are feeling better soon.

  10. Glad Abbie is feeling better now. She looks like she is really groovin' to the beat!

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  12. oh, Nicky, I am glad you like this blog; and as far as changing it every few months........I do that almost daily. Thank you for your feedback.


  13. Abbie looks really cool, is that her halloween costume?, I guess she was trying to get her own early treats and tricks
    I'm glad you both are feeling better!!!


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