Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lunchtime stitching progress on Getting Away with Jane Austen

Today I had a chance to soak in the sun in my car on my lunch hour and work on completing this sampler. This is Getting Away with Jane Austen designed  by The Sampler Girl. I started this back last month and am determined to finish it. Hopefully, will get in some stitching tonight and maybe finish it up as I watch Grey's Anatomy my fave TV show.

I finished the Ecru color around the letters and the sailboat at lunch today as I was absorbing the beautiful sunshine today after the few days of rain.
Now onto the bottom hopefully tonight.

Abbie says she will be representing DV Awareness month with her purple turtleneck sweater and she may have some patience with me as I get chores done after work and then settle in for some stitching. ;) The week has flown by.

Still at work on the sampler I designed this past month but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the framed model will not make it to Australia for the November DV awareness event as previously  expected.
I will be continueing to finish this sampler as it's very dear to my heart and hope you like it. It's still in my frame ready for threads to continue on with it.

Well, quick grilled cheese and ham sammies after a long day and then onward to finishing up some chores!
Hope your midweek is going well!!!! Our local area is flocked with tourists for leaf-looking viewers. The commute is a bit longer but the view on the way home makes it worthwhile as the leaves are peaking in color.

I've got many more ideas and patterns designed but not stitched yet for Thanksgiving and Christmas so stay-tuned.

2 more days before the drawing for the give-a-way so if you are interested in it, please see Oct 4th posting and enter!!!!

till later,


  1. Abbie; You look ravashing in purple.
    Such a beautiful little lady.
    I am watching King of Queens at this moment he and his wife are at a book club the assignment is to read Jane Austin how great is that.
    I look forward to your new designs.

  2. Beautiful stitching and Abby looks gorgeous as always.
    Looking forward to admire your designs

  3. Purple? Oh I guess it's the color of royality but PINK is the best ;-)

  4. Your Jane Austen is coming along, Jennifer! Stitching at lunch time sounds like a marvellous way to spend the time. And thanks for the update on your DV sampler, I was wondering how you are going with it.

    I can't believe Abbie (in your post below) let you put pink hair on her and then let you photograph her! Mind you, she does now have a shiny coat like Rory LOL...well, in some places, at least!

  5. But of course, I love this design!! :) Great stitching and sweet picture of Miss Abbie.


  6. Nice progress on your Jane Austen piece Jennifer.
    Oh, Abbie, you are just too darn pretty in your purple turtleneck.

  7. Your stitching is gorgeous, and Miss Abby is one fine looking little gal! :) I can't wait to see your next designs and I am working diligently on the ones that I have so will follow.
    Hugs and kisses, Peaches
    Ma TK

  8. Abbie looks wonderful and I love your stitching !


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