Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

Love these Halloween costumes for dogs!

Abbie wishes to be a cheerleader.

Here's hoping you know that Miss Abbie this morning was found in the pantry where she snuck to hide and has figured out this is where food comes from for us!  She wagged her tail when we opened the door. She couldn't have been in there but 30 minutes at the most because we were in and out of it but then missed her.....ooops, Abbie is in the pantry?   She was reaching for a cereal box. What a hoot!

Off today to take care of some errands and find out why I have had ear pain for 6 weeks now, resistent to antibiotics and I probably am the worst at going to medical offices for myself so it has to be pretty bad when I finally do go. Maybe it's just alot of sinus pressure in my left ear or after waking this morning, I thought I was birthing a baby through this ear when I closed my mouth but, whatever it is, I'm finding out today.

Hubbie and I are on a road trip mission. And if I'm not pronounced terminal, then we will go leaf-looking back up here "in them thare mountins"  as the country folk say up here. ;)

Just a reminder that the October giveaway which is pretty awesome, I think is going to end on Oct 30th and a name drawn on October 31st. Numbers are going down at entering and comments. Maybe everyone is busy.......or not like me as  I would love both this pair of scissors AND the sampler..........but good luck!!!  Still time left to enter!

 but anyhow, or why, I hope you are having a great spooky week start and if feeling better by this weekend, I hope to see Paranormal Activity 2, a movie that will probably make me scream alot and hide behind my bucket of popcorn (if I can chew it by that time). I can't remember but I don't think I've seen a scarey movie in about 20 years, probably the last time I had an ear infection too......that's kinda wild after thinking about that.....maybe there is some paranormal activity here...LOL

till later,


  1. There is nothing as bad as ear pain! I fell so sorry for you....good to get it checked out.I think those costumes are a hoot. Our pug would never let us put anything on her...she would be under the bed before you could open your eyes!! I would love to win your drawing!

  2. Feel better!!! Can't wait to see what Abbie's costume will be!

  3. Love the cute Halloween costumes! Tell Abby that it is not nice to scare her mommy!

    I would love to win your giveaway. Please add my name to the list. ( I think I entered once already )

  4. Those puppy cotumes are cute. But then they always have adorable ones for the little ones. :) I still think Abbie would be a perfect Princess. :) Love how she has figured out the pantry is the food source. LOL I know Rory would approve of the Princess costume. Heck, he approves of anything female. (He is just too funny to watch around girls. A teenage boy who has just discovered the fairer sex! His ears go up and his tail wags in circles! LOL)

    I do hope (and say a prayer) that your ear is not a major problem and the test show something simple. Feel better.

  5. Jennifer, those are some cute costumes...I'm sure my Bella would look adorable in them. I hope you were able to find out what is going on with your ear.

  6. Wow, 6 weeks of ear pain? That has to be miserable. I have a very low pain tolerance. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    And that little stink pot Abbie....well, she is a naughty little girl sneaking into the big people pantry :) But she is just too cute to be too upset at her for long.

  7. Doggies are too cute! Hope you're better soon, but don't delay checking out ear pain, pls. Can be very important. :)
    PS - love the pics of Abbie and her antics!


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