Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday matters

 Lunchtime at work.

The morning went well, steady and hopefully this afternoon will be the same.
The morning routine was quite a mess as I was fumbling through unpacked suitcases to get ready. I definitely need to finish that and get the house in some kind of order by tomorrow.
Our airconditioning in the second level is not working and we can't open the windows due to the heavy pollen so another thing on the list is getting that fixed tomorrow....cross our fingers they show. Does that happen to you all too?  Alot of remodeling or fixing going in the house revolves around wondering if people will show up.

Abbie was all her sweet self this morning and Ren, well, Ren, left us a nice know, as we were walking out the door. Great timing, Ren!  :o

Needless to say, life is still good. I'm at lunch, my downtime and I"m hoping the loud folks around me go to lunch real soon so my introverted self will get recharged. Is that bad or what?
I'm just not the type to go to work and loudly express my personal affairs, mortgage payments, bills, who I went out with the night before, details of my husband's sperm count,  and say Oh my God about 58 times an hour (and that's not joking) and constantly speak in an annimated voice. In fact, I just heard how much money a certain individual has in their checking account to the penny. That is way too much information for announcing loudly at work for me. And please adopt a puppy so that baby talk can be to it and not to us!  LOL I may be PMS'ing right now. Just ignore me.......

 I've never been that way and probably won't be if I'm almost a half-century old now.......that sounds pretty doggone vintage to me! But I have to laugh at all the fuss over diapers and formula, having to run to after school activities, and the cost of raising kids, because I am so over that and glad to be in the next phase  of life. Been there, done that and hope they know that that's the easiest and cheapest part of child-rearing! It gets worse before it gets better.........

However, at home, I'm opposite, I still like to be introverted to some extent but can get pretty hyper, that's because I know I have an audience of one and like to be free-spirited.

I think I'm rambling on now and have to find something to feed my tummy. It's speaking loudly to me right now.

Till later,


  1. Some people just share waayyy too much info!!

    The older I get, the more I am learning how important it is to be a good listener and not to speak up so quickly about things!

  2. I know where you're coming from! I can't believe how much people share of their personal life at work. Things I really don't want or need to know!
    Day's almost over..home time! Enjoy!


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