Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston notions, fabrics and notions I found, color therapy

This may be the reason my luggage weighed 8.1 pounds heavier than when it was weighed in Atlanta......just a wee bit of what I found at two of the stores in Boston that had sewing notions, items, etc......no cross stitch stores. Windsor Button company and Winmill Fabrics located very close to each, very convenient.

I'm unpacking some of it today........have yet to find some more packs of buttons I got. Later posting.

I love calico and old fabs. I got a yard of each except the pretty green/pink, 2 yards.
Kinda went nuts with notions.

Scissors were a scarcity item in Boston......let me tell you!

Went crazy over fabs.

You think I might have enough by now? I need to start stitching so I can use these.

I will be putting some quarter yards in the Nest Feathers shop soon.

Loved this heavy cotton American Flag ribbon. Got a large and small spool each.

Some felts.

2 yards of linen, one yard of natural and one of white. It's very stitchable, not sure on the count but my gauge looks like about 36 count.

other trims.

some small tassels for regency making pinkeeps.

my favorite color teal, a darker teal in this pic which will go well with some of the fabs.

Several spools of thread because I really and truly had only a few colors.

Well, this is part of my Boston haul..........later when I unpack the rest!  :o


  1. OMG do I ever love fabrics! I've been stockpiling some for a bit to use in a quilt, but I think it'll be 2 'cause they don't all match, lol! And, that's if I can bear to cut them up, lol! I love just looking at them in a stack.

    I also love your Art Noveau "Profile" shank buttons! Lovely.

    Thanks for sharing your stash haul!

  2. Lovely stash -- I especially like the red, white and blue fabric. I have a design I plan to stitch for Independence Day that it would complement perfectly!

    Can always count on you to find the most beautiful things.

    Welcome home! Glad you both had such a fun time.

  3. Boy, You did have a great haul !!! I love it all !!!

  4. I just don't know what to say.....I am in awe!!

  5. Wow, grrrrreat stash, love your museum repro fabics!!!


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