Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress on LHN Always and Forever

I'm fixing to settle in for some stitching with Grey's Anatomy tonight. I'm enjoying reading all  your comments!!  Great Mom stories! ; )

Since last night, the leaves blossomed and I tweaked the leaves to cover the stain! YEAH! 

Still plan to put a itty, bitty mother of pearl butterfly over me  the girl's head.

I'm stitching with silk, monochromatic and it's flowing like butter.

From yesterday ~~
What a difference in lighting while taking pictures!  The true color of the linen is more like the top pic.

Keeping him comfy tonight. He ate well, walked around for a little bit and now curled in his blanket.

Well, off to busy myself stitching.......who has time for housework anyway?
Thursday is about the only night I have to watch TV to get my Grey's fix.

And speaking of fix, I'm enjoying a new candle called Colonial Pantry which has the Sweet Annie fragrance that I love and it's soooo nice right now. It's burning in the kitchen and sending it's homestead aroma to the family room while I'm stitching this sampler and cozying up for the evening.

Sampler in background is Jonah's Hornbook by The Sampler Girl, stitched 2009.

 Hope your evening is as warm as mine right now...............



  1. Dear Ren looks so comfy!!

    I am loving this little piece you are currently stitching!

    Enjoy your evening!

  2. Just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. I am very happy to see Lil Ren so snuggly in his blanket. What a sweet little guy. And whenever I see pics of Abbie, well, lets just say, she is such a little ham for the camera. I did want to ask a question about your stitching. I am impressed at the way you have them displayed. Do you group your samplers by colors? Or by theme? or by decoration? I think your home looks very cute and cozy. I have lots of things stitched but not framed, etc. I have a hard time trying to figure out how to display them. Thanks :)


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