Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Ventures

YEAH!  Heard from Virpi and those items will catch Santa's ride to Finland this week!!!  Cool!

Abbie yesterday morning in one of her sweaters with fringe. I think she should model for Target puppy section don't you?

And a surprise package from Auntie Parsley!!

Cute stitckers Parsley. Love them!

Abbie was so excited to see this and I was too!

Her tail was waiting!

Oh yippee!  A beautiful sweater !!!!!
in mine and hers favorite color of pink!

She doesn't have one like this and I love the little doggie on the front!!!!!

Beautiful. Thank you, Aunti Parsley very much. You are so special.
Last year Parsley sent Ren a Christmas sweater and it is now Abbie's. She loves it too. I've counted now and she has 30 outfits, I know, that is an illness. LOL

I promise to get her pic in her new sweater real soon to post.

BG and myself are going shopping, yes, that's right shopping the weekend before Christmas. I will armor myself when going to the mall and believe me, he will be profiling everyone as I run hither and yonder in child-like excitement of the decor and the store fun! He says he has shopping to do too. We have decided to get a new bed for Christmas and are going shopping for that and mattresses too. So a full day ahead, and night.

Last night I slept 12 hours, couldn't believe it, woke up at 11:30am this morning. I must have been really tired from the week.

Tomorrow I have to finish Abigail's sampler and frame it. I got the frame for it this week at a Joanne's on a road trip Tuesday.

Thank you Parsley for these very cool Chi bookmarks!!!!!!  I will definitely use these and you know how I love chihauhaus.

Well, last night we had a nice fire which felt so good and probably made me very sleepy as well after we  returned from a Christmas party where I stuffed my stomach like no yonder. I literally felt like I needed spandex pants to attend such good food gatherings. ;)

It's overcast here today but fixing to take a road trip to Buford, Ga. where I'm sure the traffic is gridlocked because of the holiday but who knows what we will venture into today.

Hope your Saturday goes well too.

Till later,


  1. Lucky Virpi, I do think Abbie should model for Target my most favorite store I just came home from there.
    The sweater Abbie youi must model your new sweater for us.
    Peanut says she is jealous and now needs a new sweater.
    Maybe Santa will bring her one.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Abbie is one lucky little girl to have such a great Auntie as Parsley! I look forward to seeing her model her new sweater!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

  3. Dearest Jennifer,

    Thanks for your comment on my December 18 blog! You however have to check the follow me button as I cannot find you on there (as you wrote you followed me...). Never mind, I came to visit you and love your bog too. Thorn birds and Gone with the Wind is another connection I guess!

    Lots of love from the heart of Georgia,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. Merry Christmas to you all...and warm hugs. Glad you got your surprises. ;-)

  5. Abbie is the cutest!! I keep telling my hubby I want one just like her. But he won't let me he said 3 cats are enough lol I don't.


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