Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas 2010 Give-a-way and some blinding news

 As promised, I used the random number generator to find the lucky winner of this package of stitching goodies and Santa is ready to send out when it arrives here really soon(crossing fingers).

The winner is Virpi from Finland!!!

She left her messages on Dec 1st! This girl is on the ready!!!!

Congrats to you and I hope you enjoy all your goodies!

Santa also will be putting in a few other things that you will like. I can't promise it will get there by Christmas but as soon as the order arrives (I ordered it on Thanskgiving and still not here from the ABC Stitch Therapy site), I will be glad to send to you. Just email me at your mailing address.

Thanks to all for participating. There were 300 entries! 

This week has been a whirlwind of things that were not so Christmasy so for me,  is the biggest present I can receive and wanted,  is to be able to give something meaningful to somewhere who cares. So, my Christmas wish came true with the mailing of this to Finland.

Thank you again for all who took time out to leave comments. I read each and every one. I wished I could make all your Santa wishes come true. I really do. Some were heartbreaking to read especially those wishing family members to come, or call, or for the health of loved ones, for jobs and broken relationships to mend.
I hope that this Christmas your hopes do come true for each and every one of you.

Around the house this week>>>>>>>>>

Body guard has been out all night and still out now due to the state of emergency ice conditions which has caused over 100 or more accidents just last night in this area alone, this doesn't include Atlanta. The rain came and then the ice came. Ironically, he had to pick me up from 30 miles away as I had my eyes dilated AGAIN for a 2 hour procedure which did show irreversible optic nerve damage from being hit in the eyes years ago. We were so hoping that the intital tests were wrong, or that this couldn't really be happening but the hemmoraging is continuing in the back of the eye near the optc nerve and I am supposed to go again today for GDX testing to see how far it has progressed. Unfortunately there is very little they can do with traumatic glaucoma as it usually isn't detected for 20 years down the road after the blow to the eye socket.
As I had many blows to the eye socket by my X husband in the mid 80's, it is hard for me to really go through all this again with medical providers probing for questions about particular blows, how many, and such without starting to have flashbacks and nightmares again.

The plan is to keep the pressures low in the left eye with medication, which I learned from the eye doctor last evening, is common with this type of glaucoma. Most of the damage is done and set in motion by the time someone notices any symptoms years and years later. My peripheral vision tests are every 6 months for the rest of my life. There is already one tiny area of total black, it's very small but present. 

Yesterday I sat through exams on my eyes that I thought I could not ever tolerate. I used to never be able to put eye drops in, just totally freaked me out. But, you never know what you'll do when you learn you are going to go blind in an eye. They put suction cups on my eyeballs are numbing them many times and turned them around and the pulling of the suction cups and ocular lenses off my eyeballs was something I've never experienced. By the time they had finished 2 hours later, the numbing solutions had drained down my tear ducts to the back of my nose and throat and it was hard to swallow for a while.
She was hoping that the next set of digital pictures (last set was around week before Thanksgiving) didn't show the hemmorhaging in the back of the eye but it is still there which she said is not good news.

Prior to all this I did get my new lenses into my glasses for the computer and close up reading. This time they were good. They aren't designed to correct the distance problems though but I have prescription sunglasses to wear for that and will avoid night driving at all as lights are really hurtful to my eyes, they look much bigger than they really are.

While I can, I will be stitching and reading like crazy. That's all I kept thinking about yesterday is not seeing to stitch or read would be horrible as this is my love. But time will tell and I'm sure everything is for a purpose, usually a greater purpose that we can't "see" literally at all and maybe not meant to for this life.

Fixing to see how the road conditions are. Our roads are completely glossed over with ice sheets and I have 3 things I need to do this afternoon. Many schools are closed. I may be in for a long weekend. Glad I finished my Christmas shopping, the little bit I did; however, I was hoping to go Saturday to finish some things up. We'll see if the temps unthaw by then.
Amazing Grace,


  1. Oh Jennifer...I just pray that this progression slows or stops all together!

    Stay safe and warm and know I care.

  2. Jennifer, I am sorry to hear about your eyes....there is nothing that I or anyone can say to make the situation better...except to say I will keep you in my thoughts. If hugs could be sent through this post, you would feel one now.

  3. Hugs and prayers for you! Keep us informed.

    Congrats to your winner!

    Smiles - Denise

  4. Congratulations to Virpi. And your news is just awful. I can completely understand your sitting there thinking about stitching and reading; those too are my favorite things. I really cannot even imagine how I would go through the same thing - I doubt it would be with as much grace as you have shown.

  5. Jennifer, I am so sorry that you are going through this eye condition. I too cannot imagine not being able to read or stitch, as those are two of my passions as well. I will keep you in my prayers that things go well for you in this area.

  6. Jennifer, I am praying for you that God continues to give you good vision and He can heal you! I know how much you love to read and stitch! God does too. I have seen so many times when God honors the desires of our heart. I will be praying for this.

  7. Oh Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your bad news about your eye. And I'm sorry tha all the testing and such brings back more trauma and bad memories for you. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...take care of yourself. {{HUGS}}

  8. *hugs* my thoughts and prayers for you, that the preogression stops, and no traumatic memories or flashbacks happen if you are required to answer any more questions

  9. I know you prob didnt want this but now im crying! Maybe cos I'm having such a rough horrid time right now myself but also because of what you have been through. I really hope they can get your eye sorted out. much love x

  10. Congratulations to Virpi! And I will pray for a reversal on your eye troubles! I know it can be devastating to lose your sight--wouldn't want that!! Big Hugs to you, and may you have a Happy Christmas!

  11. Hello Jennifer, I´m sorry about your eyes, I hope you get well very soon... until then, I will keep you in my thoughts.

    Congratulations to Virpi!


    Isa Pazo

  12. Jennifer, you've shared so much that must be hurtful to write about, much less think about. May the God of Peace keep you close and may he cover your eyes with His healing clay.

  13. Jennifer,
    Do NOT give up or give in to this
    eye condition. God can and does
    still heal and work miracles.
    Get your Bible out and read about
    all the miracles or get the book
    CHRIST THE HEALER and meditate on
    the healing scriptures. God sent
    His Word and healed us. My husband
    and I have been healed by many
    things and so have our sons. Just
    don't accept this diagnosis. Fight
    Love and Prayers,

  14. I'm sorry what happens to you in the eye. You must trust in the treatment and try to be as relaxed as possible.

  15. Oh, Jennifer, what can I say? Just know that I will be among many (I'm sure!) who will be praying for you. I know how much you love music,too, and how healing that can be, so when you're feeling down, go to your piano or stereo and listen to what you love most, and feel God's arms around you. I know He's there!

  16. Dear Jennifer, What you are going through is really tough. I do not what I would do if I could not stitch; h owever one thing keeps coming to mind..When one door closes another one opens. My thoughts and prayers are for you. Sincerely, Carolm

  17. Jennifer, Please know that you are in my prayers. I hope the progression of this will slow or stop. I cannot imagine how I would feel in that situation, but it would be devastating. You show a great inner strength and I know God will be with you through this ordeal. In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope the new year will bring blessings.

  18. Dear Jennifer: I am SO sorry about your eye!! I will add you to my prayer list! Our God is more than able to heal and that is what I will be praying for!!

    God bless you - Julie

  19. Bless your heart! Horrible that it happened and horrible that is revisiting you again! Prayers for happy outcomes all way round! (The girls missed their dance and music Christmas parties because no way am I getting them out on the road. There was NO visibility out our windows today!

  20. How wonderful that your Christmas give away will be spreading joy so far! Congrasts to Virpi!!

    I'm so sorry to hear though about your eyes, all the exams you have had to endure, and the painful memories that go along with it all. Many thoughts and prayers are headed your way.

    Stay warm and safe.

  21. Oh Jennifer, I am sorry to hear the news about your eye. I am praying for you. Try to stay positive. God can work miracles.

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  23. I am so sorry to hear your prognosis. I will keep you in my prayers.....I wish there was something someone could do to stop the deterioration, or just slow it down. When I think of what caused it, I just cannot comprehend how someone could be so cruel to another person. I am so glad you have BG now. Take care my friend, and here's wishing you and your DH (and Ms Cutie Patootie~ Abbie) a safe and Merry Christmas! Carol

  24. Congrats to Virpi :)

    I feel so bad for you with your eye problems. I hope there's something than can be done to help you.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever.


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