Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday snow is coming, yes, in the south. Let it SNOW!

Abigail Rennee

is hoping for more snow

while she is dozing by the fireplace

and visions of snowflakes dance in her head

She has her inside jacket that says, "Baby, it's COLD outside!" over her T today.

Watching Bodyguard take wood back and forth to the fireplace,

then she settles back down for a short little nap

before time to play.

Me?  I just designed a sampler with this inspiration and anticipation of the snow tonight!

When I first woke up at 8am, and looked out the window at the snow dusting, I was as happy as a child of about eight.

Oh, yeah, bring it on, more, more, MORE>

It was frosty enough for a cup of hot tea I had stashed away from our Boston trip this year.

And it is the LEADED kind. I usually drink decaf, but no coffee in the pantry.

I plopped a few Cranberry and Holly scented tart melts in the warmer to get the house cozy.

and looked at my towels I have placed in the old wood bowl and was even in the mood more for snowy weather.

I put out a pillowkeep I made last year. The design is from The Sampler Girl.

The quilted angel, the snow sampler, and some sprigs of lavender all made the morning calmer.

Abbie just became one with the sofa cushions while I did a little dabbling with designing snowflakes this morning.

I promise to share tomorrow, hopefully with some snow pictures as we are supposed to get the snow mostly tonight! 

The word.   SNOW

 Fireplace burning.
 Cranberry and Holly scent.
 A warm, cute puppy.
 Snow stitching and designing all day.
Long Janes all day.
Hot tea.

Now, that's what I call a perfect day.


  1. Oh, sounds wonderful...maybe not the snow (for me)...your Abigal is adorable.....looking forward to your new design.

  2. I love your dog !
    very beautiful
    marylin France

  3. Looks all warm and cozy. Enjoy the snow!

  4. I hope your Christmas is as peaceful as she looks in those photos!

    No snow here but cold so it makes us feel like Christmas. Last year was RARE and we had a white Christmas.


  5. I'm glad you are enjoying the snow Jennifer.
    Can't wait to see what you've designed.
    Abbie looks soooooo warm and cozy guarding the sofa.
    Give her a pat on the head from me. :)

  6. We are just getting rain here - and I glad, because if all this rain was snow we'd be buried!

    Everything looks cozy and Abigail looks so comfy, cozy!

  7. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day! Your puppy is just adorable.

  8. Your sweet little dog is just adorable! I love her sweatshirt - now I need to get one for my Holly. :)

    I just love your warmer for your melts. That is one of the cutest ones I've ever seen. Everything looks so cozy and nice - I can totally understand how wonderful it would be to stay inside while it snows. One of my favorite things to do, too.

    God bless you - Julie

  9. I'll send you all the snow you want!!! We have plenty.

  10. I live in the land of winter snow....Wisconsin....and I never get tired of it! Glad you enjoyed your taste of snow Jennifer!


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